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Artist Teacups

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Andrew Bannecker

Incorporating traditional methods into his digital work, Andrew Bannecker considers himself a digital painter. From his studio in Great Falls, Virginia, just outside Washington, DC, Andrew creates imaginative worlds that include everything from figurative characters to abstract landscapes. For his interpretation of the Bennett teacup and saucer, Andrew rendered a blooming exploration of color and form as “a modern take on traditional Mother’s Day flowers.”

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Jenny Bowers

Based just outside London in Gloucestershire, British illustrator Jenny Bowers experiments with a surprising mix of media to create her spirited designs. Favoring gouache paint, cutout paper and pencil illustrations, Jenny imagines simple forms that come alive in bold colors. Her interpretation of the Bennett teacup and saucer blooms from the vision of “giving my lovely Mum a bunch of flowers on Mother’s Day when color is very fresh and joyful.”

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Jude Landry

It comes as no surprise that artist Jude Landry’s favorite thing to doodle is letters. Whether illustrated in pencil, ink or digital design, his work references historical typographic styles, from hand-painted signs and vintage screenprints to midcentury modern illustration. Based in Starkville, Mississippi, Jude’s interpretation of the Bennett teacup and saucer “is inspired by traditional forms of decorative type, as well as patterns found in the home.”

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Laura Berger

Infused with elements of street art and Japanese pop art, the imaginative works of artist Laura Berger are brought to life through many media. The Chicago-based artist creates charming worlds of original characters through strokes of acrylic gouache, pencil illustration and clay sculpture. Laura feels most fulfilled as an artist when she sees others connect with her work “and maybe feel some nice feelings.” Her interpretation of the Bennett teacup and saucer is a tribute to “the vast and diverse ocean of awesome moms in the world.”

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Penelope Dullaghan

Illustrator Penelope Dullaghan is passionate about maintaining balance and harmony in both her life and her art. Working primarily in acrylic, ink and digital design, the Indianapolis-based artist explores fluid, simple shapes rendered in an energetic palette. Her interpretation of the Bennett teacup and saucer was inspired by her newfound hobby of gardening. To Penelope, the garden is “a place of quiet and peace. It provides the perfect opportunity to slow down and observe.”

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Yellena James

Working primarily in pen and ink combined with opaque watercolors, Portland, Oregon-based artist Yellena James’ complex style is focused on quality of line and harmony of elements. Intrigued by microscopic worlds, her multilayered compositions are full of intimately detailed elements that “morph into beautifully chaotic organic structures.” In bringing her imaginary world to her interpretation of the Bennett teacup and saucer, Yellena was “inspired by spring, when everything is in bloom and coming to life. I wanted to capture a feeling of beauty and peacefulness.”

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