Folio rides bareback, reinventing the familiar lines of classic Italian design with comfort and value in mind. At a glance, you notice the generous, clean Parsons-style lines and fine quality leather in vibrant kiwi. Up close, it's the small details that make the big difference: solid welded steel frame, full wrapping in pigment-dyed leather with mitered corners, and seat and leg with full flange seaming. A thick, sculpted leg supports the comfortable, foam-cushioned seat. Chip resistant paint coats the grooved steel footrest providing traction, durability and ease of care.<br /><br /><NEWTAG/><ul><li>Welded steel frame</li><li>Polyfoam seat cushion</li><li>Natural pigment-dyed leather</li><li>Grooved steel footrest provides traction</li><li>Mitered cut and stitched with flange seaming</li><li>30"H seat sized for bars</li><li>Made in China</li></ul>

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Kiwi Leather Backless Barstool. 30"H seat;
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