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Mattress/Foundation: Care

Simmons® Special Edition Mattress Care

  • This mattress features a no-flip, no-rotate, maintenance-free system. Flipping and rotating is not necessary or recommended.
  • The individual-coil system in this mattress is designed to be placed directly on a rigid foundation, such as a platform bed. If your bed frame requires a box spring, we recommend the Simmons┬« Special Edition Foundation. A matching system will provide uniform support and reduce motion transfer for a better night's sleep, and it will meet the conditions of the product warranty.
  • Queen and king size frames should have a rigid crosswise center support. Please refer to the diagram appearing on the consumer warranty card attached to the mattress.
  • A quilted mattress pad will protect your mattress from stains.
  • Spot-clean spills and stains with mild soap or water. Cleaning fluids of any type can damage construction materials.
  • Do not bend or fold the mattress more than 30 degrees. Take special care with queen and king sizes to avoid bending the border wire. A bent border wire is considered product abuse and may void the warranty.
  • Jumping on a mattress can break down the inner construction and materials.
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