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Drinkware. Freshen your drink.

The drinkware you choose is going to be something you'll reach for many times a day, a week, a year. And it should give you simple but noticeable pleasure each and every time you do. It should be beautiful to look at, comfortable to hold, a delight to sip from, and a breeze to care for. It should catch the light, sparkle with clarity. It should be both a work of art and hardworking. And most of all, it should never sit idle in your cabinet. The Crate and Barrel drinkware collection is extensive with over 150 different glasses, each true to these words. Prices begin at 95 cents for basic juice glasses, and our most expensive handmade stemware is $12.95.


The first thing you need to decide is the shapes you need for the way you entertain. Do you need a rounded red wine that breathes? A fluted champagne to keep the bubbles going? An old-fashioned for a new mojito? The classic drinkware shapes are shown below. We recommend stocking the bar with no less than two or three types of glasses.


For nearly 50 years, we have worked closely with several generations of the finest glassblowers in Europe. There is an art to handmade glass, especially to our specifications. To make a more discriminating choice, train your eye. Look for a flawless attachment at the bowl and stem, or a bowl with a fine continuous pulled stem. Inspect the rim to make sure it is finely cut and polished.


We like to recommend stocking up on a basic all-purpose glass that can handle juice, soda, wine and everything in between. But all-purpose can also mean using your barware for fun new purposes. A pilsner is perfectly shaped for an iced latte. A goblet for fruit salad. A brandy for sorbet. And a martini is a very cool way to dish up cocktail nuts or candy.

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How Much

For stemware, you'll need at least as many red and white wine glasses and water goblets as you have dinnerware place settings, and then add four extra in case of accidents. For everyday drinking glasses, figure out how many your dishwasher can hold, then add six more so you always have a clean glass on hand. Specialty glasses for bar drinks should number six to eight each.

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