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Manish Tibrewal

Manish Tibrewal


Husband-and-wife design team Manish and Madhulika Tibrewal are surrounded by a world of inspiration in Jaipur, India, where beautiful textiles are woven into the culture. From local architecture and jewelry, to vintage textiles and traditional village crafts, elements of their vibrant surroundings find their way into the pair’s handblocked prints. “In Jaipur, a rich heritage of textiles and various crafts is a feast,” Manish says. “It makes us feel extremely proud of our heritage, which never ceases to surprise us with its relevance in today’s context,” Manish says.

Both graduates of the National Institute of Fashion Technology in Delhi, and now owners of the RASA textile shop in Jaipur, Manish and Madhulika are known for their experimental and creative use of traditional block printing techniques. Each of their patterns tells a story. “Our style promotes the beauty and irregularity of hand-touched processes,” Manish says. “Our designs bring modernity to traditional spaces and tradition to modern ones.

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