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Claudia Pearson

Claudia Pearson

United States

Illustrator Claudia Pearson has an appetite for bringing fruits and vegetables to life through vivid strokes of paint and ink. Inspired by her love of great food, the Brooklyn-based artist combines graphic line drawings with flat, bold color to create simple, definitive shapes infused with bright character. Occasionally, Pearson will also layer watercolor texture with her line work to create depth and energy. From local trips around her neighborhood to travels around the world, she draws inspiration from the people and architecture she observes, noting that "the colors, smell and overall atmosphere of a new environment always excite me."

Her creativity extends beyond her signature culinary illustrations to storytelling. In 2008, Pearson’s first children’s book was published and has since won a Silver Moonbeam Award and The Stuart Brent Award for its contribution to promoting multicultural awareness in children’s literature.

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