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Laura Foster Nicholson

Laura Foster Nicholson

United States

For textile designer Laura Foster Nicholson, the creative process is an organic one that’s rooted in her very own garden. Known for her artful depiction of garden elements in her textile designs and fine art tapestries, Nicholson unearths inspiration from the leaves and flowers, but mainly vegetables, she tends. “I am primarily a fine artist, who lives to make things,” Nicholson says. “I love to cook, sew, garden, and print and weave textiles. All of these interests inform the patterns I design.” That natural source of inspiration is abundant in the small historic town of New Harmony, Indiana, where Nicholson lives and works as the founder of LFN Textiles. When she is in need of urban stimulation, Nicholson travels north to Chicago, where she spent much of her professional life. Nicholson, who studied fine art at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan, is inherently passionate about color and how its delicate balance can guide her designs. “Color for me is like the air I need to breathe, even in limited palettes I find nuance and contrast that are almost musical.”

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