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Game on! We’ve partnered with Nikki Baxendale, founder of Literally Life, to see how to create a perfect family game night for Father’s Day celebrations. Snacks included!

This is part three of our Father’s Day series. Get our recipe for a Father’s Day frittata plus learn how to create a fish feast for the whole family.

Competition is fairly strong in the Baxendale family, so when we found these great backyard games, we knew they would be a hit for Father’s Day. To test them out, we had a tournament of fun activities, mixing three of our favorite games: yard dice, the British classic croquet and finally bocce ball.

Father’s Day Games Round One — Dice

Yard dice game
Outdoor family yard game
Boys with yard dice

Round Two — Croquet

Boys croquet game
Boy playing croquet
Kids playing croquet

This is the part of our Father’s Day game day where things started to heat up. The boys took over croquet while the girls found other entertainment—preparing crushed ice for refreshments.

Crushing ice

This ice crushing mallet was literally a hit! It comes with a great bag that absorbs the excess water, leaving your ice perfectly dry to add to drinks. The girls decided they would like to try it their way however. I would probably recommend safety goggles and a nice clean surface when trying this method!

Round Three — Bocce

Playing bocce ball

As the last wickets were made, my husband Mark decided to try his hand at the bocce ball set. Mark and I have so many fond memories of summer evenings in Europe, playing bocce or boules.


Meanwhile, Finny was on hand to flex his muscles trying to lift the beverage tub. After a few valiant attempts, he found his calling as chief taste tester and was the first to sample the soda pop. We love these little retro bottles, perfect for bubble blowing.

Boy drinking juice

This hand-hammered beverage tub is simply stunning both indoors and outdoors. I love the way it frosts up and then slowly starts to glisten in the sun as the ice melts.

Vegetable Centerpiece

Girl eating vegetables
Fresh vegetables

If you have been following my blog posts for Crate and Barrel, you know I love a centerpiece and this two-tier basket offers unlimited options for a fabulous display. For this Father’s Day games gathering, I focused on the wonderfully vibrant colors of fresh vegetables. Be sure to find the freshest ingredients, as farm-to-table simply is the best way to go. Once you have tasted straight from the land, you really can’t beat the flavors.

Vegetable centerpiece


Peel and clean any unwanted skins. Trim off ugly ends, leaving the rustic ones that are edible. You can leave the long shoots at the end of the vegetables, such as carrots and stalks of peppers, to help guests hold on to them. Wash and separate leaves of rainbow chard or other long leaf greens. Take your full length vegetables and slice them in thick strips.

Arrange the vegetables, fanning out the long leafy greens at the back of the lower level. Then add the vegetable strips, pointing them upward and angling them slightly to almost fan out around the basket. I like to fill the bottom section with chunky multicolored peppers so it allows enough open space to see what you have displayed above.

Once my centerpiece was complete, I served the vegetables with a refreshing dip, some olives, mini sweet peppers and pita chips in this contemporary Preston platter, which was a great rustic complement to our table.

Creamy Cucumber Yogurt and Herb Dip Recipe

Cucumber yogurt dip


  • 1 cup Greek yogurt
  • Zest of 1 lemon
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon chives, finely chopped
  • 2-inch pieces of English cucumber, mandoline finely
  • Pinch of salt
  • Pinch of pepper
  • A couple sprigs of cilantro, finely chopped


Combine ingredients in a mixing bowl and stir. Chill before serving.

Key Lime Lager

Lime lager beer

Time for the big boys to enjoy some well earned liquid sunshine! These classic Scandinavian mugs were fabulous, and we loved the weight of them.


Want to add a fun lime twist to your lager? Simply pour two tablespoons of Key lime juice into your mug and top with lager of your choice. You can also freeze giant ice cubes topped with lime slices to add to the lager. Drink and enjoy your Father’s Day!

For more Father’s Day ideas, check out the Crate and Barrel Father’s Day Gifts Pinterest board.

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