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Art Glass

Find beautiful art glass for the home at Crate and Barrel. Handcrafted from high-quality glass, our stylish art glass accent living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and more. Use a vibrant Murano glass bowl or minimalist vase as a statement...More
Matteo Glass Knots
Matteo Glass Knots $7.95 - $14.95
Jurgen Vase
Jurgen Vase Clearance $34.97reg. $44.95
Waterfall Vase
Waterfall Vase Clearance $69.97reg. $99.95
Regatta Vase
Regatta Vase Clearance $79.97reg. $99.95
Celeste Vase
Celeste Vase Clearance $39.97reg. $59.95
Neptune Vase
Neptune Vase Clearance $49.97reg. $69.95
Glass Petals
Glass Petals Clearance $9.97 eachreg. $14.95 each
Aurora Bowl
Aurora Bowl Clearance $99.97reg. $139.95
Neisey Vase
Neisey Vase Clearance $16.97reg. $19.95
Gretchen Vase
Gretchen Vase Clearance $29.97reg. $39.95
Hannah Vase
Hannah Vase Clearance $9.97reg. $11.95
Solana Vase
Solana Vase Clearance $49.97reg. $79.95
Mystic Vase
Mystic Vase Clearance $99.97reg. $129.95
Rebekah Vase
Rebekah Vase Clearance $19.97reg. $24.95
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