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Decorative Pillows

Linden Ocean 23" Pillow Colors + 8 more Linden Ocean 23" Pillow $39.95 each
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Linden Grey 18" Pillow Colors + 7 more New Linden Grey 18" Pillow $29.95 each
Linden Ebony 18" Pillow Colors + 7 more New Linden Ebony 18" Pillow $29.95 each
Linden Natural 23" Pillow Colors + 8 more Linden Natural 23" Pillow $39.95 each

From a splash of color to a soft place to rest, decorative throw pillows serve many purposes in your home. Get the most out of the plush accessories by layering them in ways both pleasing to the eye and comfortable. Here's how.

Layering Tips by Room

On the bed, depending on your mattress size, you have a lot of room in which to play. Arrange from biggest to smallest to ensure visibility of each layer. If your bed pillows are the largest, start there, then place patterned square-shaped styles in front, either matching or complementary in color and design. If you're using an odd number of pillows, make a statement with the final one in front—take a risk texturally with faux fur or a standout shape, like a lumbar pillow. It can easily be changed out seasonally, allowing customization without having to switch out all of the cushions.

On the sofa, all of the space is on the end seats. Build your layers out from the corners and keep the middle of the sofa simple with one or two lumbars for back support so as not to overcrowd the space. On the ends cushions, use the armrest to stack in two directions. Mixing squares, rectangles and circles will make the sofa feel spunky and lively, while sticking to one or two basic shapes results in more of a classic look. If switching out seasonally on the sofa, keep fabric in mind—velvet is a wintery material, linen is good for fall and cotton feels fresh in the spring.

On the armchair, the amount you should use is dependent upon the size of the cushion. While you want to express a certain style with the accessory, you also want a guest to be able to comfortably sit in the chair without having to toss the pillows to the side. If you have space for two, nestle two that match into the back, in one of the corners. This will leave enough room for someone to lean back without resting on them, as well as allow the guest to shift them around for optimum comfort.

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