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Home Accents

Natural Nutcrackers New Natural Nutcrackers
Clearance $79.96 - $960.00 reg. $99.95 - $1,200.00
Laser-Cut Wood Animals New Laser-Cut Wood Animals
Clearance $2.36 each reg. $2.95 each
Laser-Cut Wood Trees New Laser-Cut Wood Trees
Clearance $10.36 - $19.96 reg. $12.95 - $24.95
Zinc Reindeer
Selected Color: Zinc
New Zinc Reindeer
$10.95 - $49.95
Silver Reindeer
Selected Color: Silver
New Silver Reindeer
$10.95 - $49.95
Rustic Star Stocking Hook New Rustic Star Stocking Hook
Clearance $14.97 - $25.77 reg. $24.95 - $42.95
Hammered Snowflake Picture Frame Stocking Hook New Hammered Snowflake Picture Frame Stocking Hook
Clearance $16.17 - $26.97 reg. $26.95 - $44.95
Silver Jingle Bells Garland
Selected Color: Silver
New Silver Jingle Bells Garland
Clearance $15.96 reg. $19.95
Accent your space with unique home decorative items that are both stylish and functional. porcelain ring dishes with inscriptions or sweet shapes, for example, are darling little pick-me-ups next to kitchen or bathroom sinks and provide a safe place to keep rings, bracelets and watches when washing your hands or dishes. They also make a lovely wedding gift for newlyweds now in need of a place to keep the newest additions to their ring fingers. Jewelry boxes are a decor tradition and remain so in style because of their timeless designs and always-useful functions. Store rings, earrings, pins, bracelets and necklaces, and give your bedroom or closet an elegant old-school glamour. For men's accessories, consider a watch-tie travel tube handsome enough to sit out on the dresser all year long. Simple glass display boxes give more visibility to items than jewelry boxes—place in more public spaces like on an entryway wall shelf, a living room bookshelf or accent table, or even the kitchen counter. Display little collectibles or fill the boxes with soil for small succulents and other terrarium-friendly botanicals for a chic, easy way to add some fresh greenery to your decor. Don't forget to sprinkle seasonal home decorative items into your cache. Add faux eggs in pretty pastels in the spring, banners in patriotic red, white and blue in July and festive garland in the winter.
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