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Cozy up your space with a throw from Crate and Barrel. Our blankets and throws are made from high quality materials including wool, cotton, acrylic and more. Find the perfect throw to add a punch of color and comfort to your room.
Olin Orange Throw
Olin Orange Throw Clearance $14.97reg. $29.95

Throw on an
extra layer

The casual drape of our new throws adds instant warmth, texture, color and pattern to the room—cascading over the back of a chair, folded on the arm of a sofa or spanning the foot of the bed.

Miles Orange Throw
Miles Orange Throw Clearance $39.97reg. $59.95
Olin Yellow Throw
Olin Yellow Throw Clearance $14.97reg. $29.95
Marley Lemon Throw
Marley Lemon Throw Clearance $29.97reg. $39.95
Miles Yellow Throw
Miles Yellow Throw Clearance $39.97reg. $59.95
Tepi Lemon Throw
Tepi Lemon Throw Clearance $19.97reg. $39.95
Zurina Throw
Zurina Throw Clearance $59.97reg. $149.00
Olin Blue Throw
Olin Blue Throw Clearance $14.97reg. $29.95
Gillespie Throw
Gillespie Throw Clearance $24.97reg. $39.95
Fynn Throw
Fynn Throw Clearance $19.97reg. $49.95
Marley Aqua Throw
Marley Aqua Throw Clearance $34.97reg. $39.95
Oceano Throw
Oceano Throw Clearance $49.97reg. $119.00
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