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Console Tables


Console tables differ from other occasional tables most in shape. Typically long and slightly elevated above other furniture, console tables fit in any living room—equally at home behind the sofa or against the wall—but are also perfect entryway furniture. Their elongated design looks chic tucked up against a wall or nestled up to a sofa. If you're looking for clean, contemporary home organization in your family room, browse our mixed material selections. Urban iron bases complemented with warm wood tabletops will help warm and add texture to your space. Look for selections with a trim, narrow footprint design if you have a small entryway and don't want a table to intrusive to the space. While all of our entryway tables can store and display your decor, personal items and tabletop accessories such as picture frames, some styles include glass display drawers and cases for even more room to exhibit collectibles.

Shelved Console Tables

For an even more dynamic look with function, browse our selection of shelved console tables. Sheet metal shelves are rugged yet chic and anchor the table. Tempered glass tabletops balance the metal beneath them. The removable shelves offer significantly more space for storage, making the table itself even more customizable. Make yours unique with your own decor, books, plants and collectibles.

Shop our selection of console tables and welcome guests into your home with a warm, interesting console table in your entryway, or organize a personalized display space in your living room.


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