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Teacher Gift Ideas

The holidays have arrived—which means it’s time to start searching for the perfect gift for everyone on your list, from kids and spouses to work colleagues and neighbors to grandparents and babysitters. But nothing is quite as tricky as coming up with Christmas gift ideas for teachers.

While we all know that moms and dads do a ton of hard work before and after school, the outstanding teachers in your children’s lives are the ones who guide them on the path of learning to read, being polite to adults, adding and subtracting, and so many other vital life lessons. Considering all the amazing things teachers do each and every day, it’s clear that they deserve Christmas gifts that will make their lives easier and less stressful.

Christmas Gifts for Teachers Wrapped and Under the Tree

Choosing Christmas Gifts for Teachers

For Christmas gift ideas for teachers, consider scented candles, easy-to-follow cookbooks, sophisticated coffee and tea sets, and even affordable kitchen textiles like aprons, hand towels or napkins. Or brainstorm items that busy people don’t usually buy for themselves: Vases, frames and even colorful cocktail glasses work for both men and women. The best part? You don’t need to spend a ton of money to give a fabulous gift that makes a long-lasting impression.

To come up with gift ideas for a teacher, start by paying attention to your teacher’s habits. Is he or she a coffee drinker? Or do they prefer tea? Does he or she love to cook? Do they bring baked treats to the classroom for the kids? Figure out their favorites, and then go from there. The key is to find a heartfelt gift that proves you have been paying attention to the classroom and the teacher’s favorite habits and activities outside of school. It’s very important to give something to your child’s teacher that will make his or her life easier.

Creating A Gift Basket

For any teacher Christmas gift, it’s simple to bundle similar products in an elegant basket and wrap the entire presentation in clear or colored cellophane and top it off with a bow. One idea we love is a cheese board, cheese knives, two packages of gourmet cheese and a great bottle of wine. Display it all in a high-quality basket, and your teacher will think you’ve spent significantly more than you did.

That same creative concept can work with a culinary theme: Pair a just-released cookbook with a colorful apron, a pretty platter and some gorgeous wine glasses or a decanter. If you know your teacher likes to experiment in the kitchen, then this gift will be a big holiday hit. If you top it off with a restaurant gift certificate, this present could be the star of the holiday season.

Christmas Presents

Other Gift Ideas

A more traditional teacher Christmas gift idea is to simply give a beautiful bouquet of holiday flowers from a local farmer’s market or flower shop. Place the floral arrangement in a dramatic vase and he or she will have a special item for their home that will last forever.

Finally, who doesn’t love candy or sweets? Treats are a no-risk gift. Many top-quality stores sell packaged candy and confections that come in festive tins that are ready to give without wrapping. Any parent knows that “no-gift-wrap-necessary” gifts are hard to beat during the hectic holiday season.

Like most gifts, you can’t go wrong by finding something simple, smart and personal. Meaningful gifts are priceless.

Check out our gift ideas page for more Christmas gift inspiration.

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