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Baking Tools & Utensils

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Pig Measuring Cups Set of Four Pig Measuring Cups Set of Four
Clearance $14.97 reg. $19.95
Free Shipping Eligible
Glass Measuring Cups Glass Measuring Cups
$2.95 - $9.95
Free Shipping Eligible
KitchenAid ® 13-Piece Prep Set KitchenAid ® 13-Piece Prep Set
Set Savings $49.99 open stock $52.94
Free Shipping Eligible
Jar Spatulas
Selected Color: red
Jar Spatulas
Clearance $1.97 each reg. $2.95 each
Free Shipping Eligible
Silicone Basting Brushes
Selected Color: green
Silicone Basting Brushes
$3.95 each
Free Shipping Eligible
Red Silicone Whisks Red Silicone Whisks
$7.95 - $9.95
Free Shipping Eligible
Metal Handled Whisks Metal Handled Whisks
$8.95 - $11.95
Free Shipping Eligible
Strainer-Sifters Strainer-Sifters
$3.95 - $14.95
Free Shipping Eligible
Counter Mat Counter Mat
Free Shipping Eligible
Cooling Rack Cooling Rack
Free Shipping Eligible
Ice Cream Scoop Ice Cream Scoop
Free Shipping Eligible
7-Piece Reversible Biscuit Cutter Set 7-Piece Reversible Biscuit Cutter Set
Clearance $8.37 reg. $11.95
Free Shipping Eligible
Tovolo ® Black Silicone Utensils New Tovolo ® Black Silicone Utensils
$7.95 - $11.95
Free Shipping Eligible

Types of Baking Tools & Utensils

  • Measuring Spoons: provide precise measurements of small volumes and quantities, usually in teaspoons or tablespoons.

  • Measuring Cups: provide precise measurements of larger volumes and quantities, such as cups and quarts. Measuring cups are available for both dry goods and liquids.

  • Spatulas: stir ingredients and scrape the sides of bowls
    Turners: aid in removing baked goods, such as cookies, from baking sheets.

  • Rolling Pins: roll smooth, even layers of dough for pastries, breads and more.

  • Whisks: aerate, stir and blend both wet and dry ingredients together to remove lumps in mixtures.

  • Sifters and Strainers: Sieve and aerate flour, strain liquids and sauces, and dust sugar onto baked goods.

  • Baking Mats: provide a non-stick surface for preparing doughs. They can also be placed on baking sheets for easy cooking and cleanup.

  • Cookie Cutters, Presses and Stamps: create uniform shapes and indentations for cookies.

  • Pastry Tools: icing spatulas, pastry cutters and pastry blenders aid in preparing cookies, cakes, pies and other desserts.

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