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Ksara Table Lamp Ksara Table Lamp Clearance $79.97 reg. $99.95

If you are needing a stylish option that completes the look of a desk, a nightstand or side table, you are sure to find something you love in the Crate and Barrel table lamp collection. We have a broad selection in various options that complement every decor style, from traditional to casual to modern. Whether you are looking for a table, bedside or desktop design, our selection of lamps is sure to work with your decor. Learn more about the options we offer.


Our desk, bedside and task lamps come in a variety of styles and easily transition from living room to bedroom to home office. We have lamps that feel classic and traditional as well as options that are clean and modern. The bases are available in appealing shapes, including round, teardrop, trumpet, pharmacy and cylinder. In developing lamps, we also look for options that feature unique textures, especially in our ceramic bases. From subtle hash marks to chunky blocks, texture gives the lamp visual appeal and adds interest to your space. The styles are versatile enough to work as bedside table lamps and as lighting options for a great room. We also have buffet lamps that are perfect for lighting a sideboard in a dining room or serving as an accent lamp in a living room. Our table lamps are beautiful in a home office, but we also have lamps specifically designed for desks. These lamps are typically adjustable so you can point the light exactly where you need it. Our lamps are available as standalone pieces that accent your decor with a special finish or color. We also have table lamps that are a part of a bigger collection in case you want a unified look in a room.


Our tableside lamps are made from a variety of materials to meet your needs. We have stunning ceramic options in shapes from the traditional calabash and teardrop to the modern square or round styles. The subtle glazes on the ceramic bases add depth and beauty to our ceramic options. Metal is another terrific material, and we have a wide selection of lamps with metal bases with finished that range from brass to bronze to silver. We also have metal bases that are painted white for customers interested in a white table lamp. Of course, we have wood lamps that immediately add warmth to a room. We also feature more unique materials like stone and crystal that give a bed lamp or table lamp a special look.


We select switches that match the style of the lamp and provide a convenient way of turning it on and off.

  • On/off switch. Many of our tabletop lamps feature on/off switches at the socket that simply turn the lamp on and off with a twist of a knob.
  • Line switch. Some lamps have a line switch located conveniently on the cord. It is another popular option that makes it easy to turn the lamp on and off.
  • 3-way switches. 3-way switches give the lamp the ability to function at three different lighting levels when used in conjunction with a 3-way bulb. Many of today's CFL and LED bulbs now are available in 3-way options.
  • Dimmer. When used in conjunction with a dimmable bulb, a dimmer switch gives you the ability to control the amount of light a lamp emits. Whether you need it bright for reading or more dim for ambient lighting, with a dimmer switch, you are in control.

Shop our table and desk lamp collection to find that special option that completes the look of your living room, dining room, bedroom or home office. You are sure to find something you'll enjoy living with for years to come.


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