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Outdoor Decorations

Stone Stools Stone Stools
$129.00 each
Petaluma Nickel Lanterns
Selected Color: Nickel
New Petaluma Nickel Lanterns
$49.95 - $99.95
Petaluma Black Metal Lanterns
Selected Color: Black
Petaluma Black Metal Lanterns
$49.95 - $99.95
Slant Light GreyPlanters
Selected Color: Light Grey
Slant Light GreyPlanters
$59.95 - $79.95
Dundee Floor Planters Dundee Floor Planters
Set Savings $69.95 - $79.95 open stock $74.95 - $84.95
Square Planters Square Planters
$49.97 - $119.00
Tidore Planters Tidore Planters
$89.95 - $99.95
Grey Ball Planters
Selected Color: Grey
Grey Ball Planters
$119.00 - $149.00

Add a touch of charm to your patio with outdoor decorations from Crate and Barrel. Our decorative items look great for decks, backyards and other outdoor spaces. We offer a full range of outdoor decor, including wind chimes, bird feeders, bird baths, garden stakes, artificial flower wreaths and more. We also offer decorations that can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces, including wall candle holders, figurines and centerpieces. Learn more about our selection of outdoor decorations.

Outdoor Lighting

Set the tone for evening gatherings on your patio by mixing up the lighting. Browse a wide selection of lighting options in a variety of shapes and sizes at Crate and Barrel. Start small with tea lights small enough to be tucked just about anywhere but just big enough to emit a warm, welcome glow. Scatter the candles about your patio to gently light up the area or cluster several together on a bar, table or stool to create an interesting, luminescent centerpiece. Place floating tea lights in a bowl of water to make your backyard decor ethereal and even fresher. Consider citronella tea lights to ward off mosquitoes and other pesky bugs. For bigger, bolder lighting, shop our collection of lanterns. Our lantern styles range from rustic and traditional to streamlined and modern, and materials include matte nickel, industrial-chic aluminum and eco-friendly teak. Anti-tarnish, anti-rust finishes make the lanterns perfect for outdoor use and are a classic addition to your outdoor decorations. Simply fill the lanterns with pillar candles or tea lights. If you're concerned about fire, consider flameless candles. Powered by batteries, they can safely and easily be turned on and off manually or set on a timer. For a final, twinkling touch, wrap a set of our LED string lights around trees, shrubbery or outdoor patio furniture. The soft glow and subtle sparkle make backyard barbecues and al fresco dining more elegant than ever.

Outdoor Decorations

What you choose to house your lighting in is just as important as the lighting itself. Our collection of candle holders features designs that hold single candles and larger, multi-holder styles. The latter are an instant statement-piece. The smaller singular designs, though, are more customizable—arrange in any number of patterns to create a unique outdoor decoration and put the glow just where you want it. For a tabletop accessory or glowing centerpiece, arrange our simple, polished, glass tea light holders around your patio umbrella or fill a side table with them. Other outdoor decorations and centerpieces feature sand-cast aluminum and bronze finishes, making them great for outdoor use and give your outdoor space a modern, industrial feel. If you'd prefer a more rustic look, consider our cool, chic reclaimed driftwood decor designs. To appeal to multiple senses, hang a set of wind chimes—the soft tinkling of the chimes and stylish designs will please both your eyes and your ears. Whatever decorations you choose, you can freshen and make your own with both natural and artificial plant botanicals like potted succulents, rich moss, birch branches and climbing vines.

Outdoor Seating

Outdoor seating decor should be durable, functional and stylish. Outdoor stool options at Crate and Barrel include versatile designs that can be used as extra seating, as tables for potted plants and other decor and for general use with tasks in the garden. Choose from easily-transported stools constructed of glazed clay in a variety of cool, earthy tones. Consider an eco-friendly option with boulder-inspired lightweight composite resin stools built to be impervious to inclement weather and UV exposure. Browse our collection of decorative outdoor seating and find a piece that fits with your vision for your outdoor decorations.

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