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Find all the furniture you need for your home for less at the Crate and Barrel furniture outlet online. Browse tons of new markdowns on sofas, tables, chairs, dressers, desks and more. Our outlet furniture is first quality items that are...More
Indigo Sofa
Indigo Sofa Clearance $1,799.00reg. $2,999.00
Indigo Grand Sofa
Indigo Grand Sofa Clearance $1,999.00reg. $3,699.00
Tiger 2-Piece Section Sofa
Tiger 2-Piece Section Sofa Clearance $3,799.00reg. $5,499.00
Tiger Chaise
Tiger Chaise Clearance $1,799.00reg. $2,699.00
Willa Red Side Chair
Willa Red Side Chair Clearance $129.00reg. $149.00
Willa Yellow Side Chair
Willa Yellow Side Chair Clearance $89.00reg. $149.00
Cayman 60" Round Dining Table
Cayman 60" Round Dining Table Clearance $899.00reg. $1,999.00
Cayman Sideboard
Cayman Sideboard Clearance $1,299.00reg. $1,999.00
Ketapel Chair
Ketapel Chair Clearance $249.00reg. $299.00
Mallorca Metal Grey and White Side Chair
Mallorca Metal Grey and White Side Chair Clearance $79.00reg. $279.00
Sonny Black Bench
Sonny Black Bench Clearance $349.00reg. $499.00
Como Bench
Como Bench Clearance $999.00reg. $1,499.00
Alcometti Dining Tables
Alcometti Dining Tables Clearance $999.97 - $2,079.97reg. $1,999.00 - $2,999.00
Mallorca Aluminum Arm Chair
Mallorca Aluminum Arm Chair Clearance $99.00reg. $299.00
Eastport Hutch Top
Eastport Hutch Top Clearance $849.00reg. $1,699.00
Brush Wood Trunk
Brush Wood Trunk Clearance $249.00reg. $499.00
Indigo Rattan Coffee Table
Indigo Rattan Coffee Table Clearance $199.00reg. $399.00
Indigo Rattan Side Table
Indigo Rattan Side Table Clearance $139.00reg. $299.00
Ditto White Cube
Ditto White Cube Clearance $69.97reg. $79.95
Structure Rectangular Coffee Table
Structure Rectangular Coffee Table Clearance $499.00reg. $799.00
Structure Square Coffee Table
Structure Square Coffee Table Clearance $699.00reg. $899.00
Presidio Bookcase
Presidio Bookcase Clearance $999.97reg. $1,499.00
Beijing Armoire
Beijing Armoire Clearance $1,999.00reg. $2,799.00
Lounge Sectional Corner
Lounge Sectional Corner Clearance $499.97reg. $999.00
Donegal Ottoman
Donegal Ottoman Clearance $299.97reg. $649.00
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