A beautiful brew from Silk Road Teas. Only the highest-grade leaves make it into this premium oolong, farm-grown over several generations in the Anxi region of Fujian province. Once steeped, the un-milled, aromatic and flavorful leaves slowly release their sweet, floral notes, culminating in a lingering, buttery finish. It's rare to find such a fine oolong in bag form—in this case, convenient, elegant sachets. Silk Road Teas has been sourcing and importing rare and artisanal Chinese teas for over 20 years, traveling extensively to remote areas and small farms to provide tea-drinkers with the optimal cup. Their special access provides us with some of China's finest and most unusual brews, many harvested in early spring when the fresh, tender leaves yield maximum flavor. This company is also dedicated to providing employment and improving the quality of life for persons with disabilities and to helping build healthy communities by restoring interest in locally grown, organic foods.<br /><br /><NEWTAG/><ul><li>15 two-serving sachets</li><li>Shelf life: 16 months</li><li>Gluten-free</li><li>Made in China</li></ul>

Tieguanyin Oolong Bagged Tea. .8 oz.

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