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Tala LED

Tala Gives Back

As part of its recent US launch, British lighting brand Tala has partnered with the National Forest Foundation. For every 200 bulbs sold, the company plants 10 trees.

Tala Ten Trees

Through its National Forest Foundation partnership, Tala Ten Trees, the company plants trees in areas where reforestation addresses the greatest ecological need.

Merge your love of design with your commitment to environmental sustainability and sensitivity with LED light bulbs from Tala. Elevating the light bulb into a functional and beautiful piece of art, the British lighting brand incorporates unique filament patterns within classic bulb shapes to bring sophisticated design to unexpected places. Each carbon-negative bulb lasts for 30,000 hours and uses approximately 10% of the energy needed for conventional incandescents. Traditional blown-glass bulbs provide warm and even omni-directional light. LED filaments form unique and interesting patterns, such as zig-zags, columns, steps and swirls.
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