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Marimekko Kesahelle Grey Sheet Sets
Selected Color: Grey
Marimekko Kesahelle Grey Sheet Sets
$84.95 - $159.95
Matte Black Picture Frames
Selected Color: Black
Matte Black Picture Frames
$14.95 - $19.95
Wire Baskets Wire Baskets
$14.95 - $16.95
Cuisinart ® Classic Toasters Cuisinart ® Classic Toasters
$49.95 - $69.95 sugg. $90.00 - $130.00
Mattress Pad Mattress Pad
$79.95 - $139.00
Court Dinnerware Court Dinnerware
$1.95 - $44.95
Rings Glasses Rings Glasses
$0.95 - $1.95
Olin Black Striped Cotton Dhurrie Rug
Selected Color: Black
Olin Black Striped Cotton Dhurrie Rug
$19.95 - $299.00
Quentin Blue Cotton Rug Quentin Blue Cotton Rug
Clearance $18.97 - $37.97 reg. $24.95 - $49.95
Feel confident and prepared as you head back to school this year. Whether living it up in the dorms or moving into one of your very first apartments, you'll need a few campus essentials. First, a place to sleep. Those in dorms will most likely need to choose extra-long twin sheet sets, while those in apartments or houses can consider bigger sizes. Outfit the kitchen or bedroom snack area with a few simple dishes and flatware pieces, mugs, and juice glasses. If you have an oven or stovetop, stock up on basic cookware—a frypan, a pot and a set of kitchen utensils—before moving on to specialty items like kettles and coffee makers. Finally, make your new space inviting and homey with space-saving leaning bookshelves, floor and desk lamps and fun string lights. Don't forget to hang picture frames to fill with memories of good times and new friends.
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