Bathroom Rugs and Bath Mats

Bath Rug Styles

The bathroom is the perfect place to experiment with your home style, and bath mats and bathroom rugs are an easy, inexpensive way to play with pattern and color. Not only do they make the everyday action of stepping out of the tub and onto the floor more plush and luxurious than ever, but they also tie together the rest of your accessories—from the shower curtain to the soap dispenser.

What's the Difference Between Rugs and Mats?

Shower mats are designed to absorb water quickly and are typically placed just in front of the tub or shower as well as in front of the sink. Important features to look for include easy care and washability, high absorbency, softness of fabric and quick-drying capabilities. If it doesn't have a non-slip backing, make sure to get a non-slip pad for underneath it, as the water is likely to make the floor slick.

Bathroom rugs are less about functionality and more about style. While they do add a nice, plush element to the flooring and protect your bare feet from the cold tiles, they mostly function as decor. Because the floor has a high probability of getting wet, the rug should also be fairly absorbent, quick-drying and easy to clean. Arrange in front of the sink, just inside the doorway or right in the middle of your space.

How to Style Pattern and Color

Match: Try choosing a cohesive color scheme and choose styles that fit it. If you have a white shower curtain, complement it with pads in similar neutrals, such as a sandy beige or understated grey. If you decide on pastel hues, complement a baby pink with a powder blue or soft, creamy yellow.

Contrast: Because the bathroom is set apart from the rest of the home, it's a good place for decor fun and whimsy. Rugs and mats are both relatively inexpensive, giving you leverage to play with patterns. Take two contrasting patterns in complementary or matching colors, which will tie the two designs together without taking away from the daring print.

Create Texture: There is so much more to a carpet than the color and style—don't forget to take into account material, construction and weave, all of which add unique texture and interest to a space. A looped weave on a classic cotton rug adds a lavish feel to it and looks extra plush on hard, flat flooring. Ribbed cotton looks both modern and urban, with symmetrical lines and luxe raised fabric. For an organic, spa-like look, try a wooden bath mat. Recycled wood, such as eco-friendly teak, is an unexpected bathroom texture and could be just the thing to elevate your space.

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