How to Choose a Blanket

Blankets keep you feeling prepared and, simply put, are a necessity for homeowners. Keep on hand in linen closets and storage ottomans or atop family and guest beds—you'll never know when you'll need to pull one out. High-quality blankets have the potential to last forever, and an investment in chic, dynamic coverings is well worth it. Here's how to find one that is cozy stylish and durable.

Weight: Cotton threading can be measured in grams to signify the density of the fabric. Our blankets are 430 grams, which falls on the lighter side of the density scale but has significantly more body than a bedsheet. It's lightweight enough for the summer, and 100% cotton is totally breathable. Pair it with a light sheet for the perfect summer sleep. In the winter, use as added bedding by placing it between the flat sheet and the comforter or duvet for a little extra warmth.

Weave: Jacquard weaving is a centuries-old method of patterning textiles through the fabric knitting. The authentic texture is pleasantly soft to the touch and sets the covering apart from smoother bedding and linens. The layer looks chic and cozy folded lengthwise on the foot of the bed, laid across a bedroom bench or draped atop a reading chair.

Color: If your blanket will perennially sit at the foot of the bed, consider colors that complement your overall bedroom scheme. If it will live in the guest room—it's a good idea to keep at least two there, just in a case—coordinate with the bedspread and decor there. If, day-to-day, your covers will be housed in the living room or linen closet, look for colors that will be evergreen to your home: shades that blend with the overall aesthetic of your furniture and decor. If you're only looking at lightweight summer blankets, look to pastels and cool colors. Heavy winter blankets feel even cozier in dark hues and warm colors.

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