Good Nights, Good Mornings: Mixing Old and New

Kim and Scott Vargo

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Putting the finishing touches on a new space is always an exciting end to a project. We’ve partnered with Kim and Scott Vargo of Yellow Brick Home to see how they completed their bedroom makeover by mixing old and new.

Since we last shared our bedroom makeover progress report, things were looking very white and bright. The walls were simply primed, the majority of our bedding choices were crisp linens and muted shades of cotton, and we hadn’t yet added any contrast with color or bold pattern. All of that changed very quickly when we added a deep, dark blue-black to the wall, and we began layering in touches of old and new. Mixing new finds with vintage scores is one of our favorite ways to add a heaping dose of personality and warmth to any room!

With our base layer of bedding set, we kicked things up a notch by folding a king-sized Lara coverlet to the foot of our bed (it’s so soft!). Although we chose a bright white, the slightly raised texture lends a subtle pattern to the bed, not to mention, you can’t beat that extra warmth at night. That said, we balanced the white with mint and indigo throw pillows, both in smooth, pretty velvet. The cool-toned color scheme lends a modern feel to our second-hand headboard and antique sconces, the perfect balance.

Marble is a classic stone (and statement piece!) that we’ve incorporated throughout several rooms in our home, so when we spotted the Cove shelf at our local CB2 store, we knew it needed to make an appearance in our bedroom! With limited space on the sides of our bed, the slim profile makes for Scott’s perfect bedside companion. In the evenings, it allows a place to charge his phone and hold a glass of water; it’s the little things!

With so much attention put towards our bedding, it was exciting to turn our attention towards something soft underfoot. We had long admired the Baxter rug in all its various shades for years, and it has finally found a home in our home. We went with grey, which is neither too dark nor too light – it’s just right (in so many ways!).

The an antique runner in vibrant red and peach which we picked up at an auction plays perfectly with our grey rug. To protect our floors and keep them from slipping around, we laid both rugs atop these thick multisurface rug pads. Bonus – it adds cushion and comfort, too!

On the other side of the bedroom, we created a dressing nook by leaning a (very) tall acacia wood mirror against the wall. The curved wood edges are a subtle nod towards our round headboard, which we love. Although it has the capability to be wall mounted, we personally prefer the casual look of having it rest on the floor.

I’m never one to turn down plant life in a room – instant color! – so I repotted a too-large-for-its-old-pot sansevieria into a large matte black saabira fiberstone planter. Our bedroom receives plenty of natural light, but even if your room never gets direct sunlight, the sansevieria (snake plant) is one of the heartiest plants out there! This guy can stand up to anything – even a missed watering or two. Guilty.

Across the wall from our ‘dressing nook,’ we couldn’t help but frame one of our favorite snaps from this post of yore! Our girl, Chunk, couldn’t be more relaxed. The bright brass frame that you see the moment you walk into the room mimics the finish on our bedside sconces, continuing the mix of old and new.

We look at that photo, and it’s exactly how we feel when we enter this room. Comfortable, happy.

See part one and part two of Yellow Brick Home’s Bedroom makeover.


  1. Leona

    Gorgeous paint color. Can you tell me who the manufacturer is and what the paint color is? Thanks very much – love it!

    December 24, 2016 | Reply
  2. molly Gunderson

    I love your use of animals–cat and dog–in the pictures! The old rugs are beautiful, especially used with dark color of wall (works with white contrast!).

    February 9, 2017 | Reply

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