Christmas Decorating with Hommemaker

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We partnered with Orlando Soria, founder of interior design blog, Hommemaker. See how he meticulously crafted his own California cool Christmas and the Crate and Barrel products he so cleverly integrated.

Decorating for Christmas has always been a huge deal in my family. I remember late nights in December when I’d wake up after my bedtime and stumble downstairs to discover my mother maniacally gilding pinecones or making a wreath of branches she gathered in the back yard. In our house, Christmastime meant one thing: going crazy decorating the whole house and having so much fun together doing it.

Hommemaker holiday decorating

Glitter gold penguin

Hommemaker decorating tip #1

Make it your own.
Try adding something
homemade to your
this year.

Silver tinsel Christmas tree
Blue glass ornaments
Metallic pine cone ornaments
Peace decoration
Bag of peace letters

“The one tradition
I was raised with
is that if it’s
Christmas, you
lose your mind
and decorate as
hard as you can.”

Decorating Christmas tree

Holiday wine glasses

Hommemaker decorating tip #2

Force your friends, family
or whatever random
strangers you find on the
street to help you decorate.

Toasting holiday decorating
Colorful Christmas ornament

Christmas presents under tree

Hommemaker decorating tip #3

Choose a color scheme and stick to it.
Look at your surroundings and think about where you live before you choose
a holiday color palette.

Christmas present in blue wrapping paper

Christmas decoration display

Hommemaker decorating tip #4

Mix new with old. To make
classic pieces look fresh,
mix in some modern pieces.

Silver candle holder

Wooden trees
Twig with lights

Hommemaker decorating tip #5

Let there be light. Remember to add candles, Christmas lights and other illuminating accessories to brighten up your home.

Colorful candle holders
Twigs with lights
Mini reindeer

“Christmas is a great time to
re-envision our homes and
get excited about decor.”

Holiday nightstand styling
Gold tinsel Christmas tree
White and gold christmas trees
Holiday living room
For more chic Christmas decorating inspiration, check out the Crate and Barrel “Deck the Halls” Pinterest page.

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