Four Ways to Style a Tray Display

Trays are meant for serving, but can be a great way to accessorize a coffee table, bar or vanity. They help provide a place for your things to live and give a sophisticated polish to organizing those little spots in the room. See our ideas on how to style a coffee table tray for all rooms of the home.

Bar Rescue

Not only is it stylish for your home bar, but highly functional. Group decanters together or gather your essential bar tools to live in place.

Tray bar cabinet

Self Service

Let a tray help you tend bar. Create your signature drinks and use the tray to create a dedicated space where guests can help themselves.

Onslow tray with cocktails

Living Room Companion

Use a tray to corral the clutter, such as remotes, magazines and coasters, all the while keeping a tidy display on the coffee table.

Coffee table tray display

Bedside Manner

Coffee table trays are a great accessory for the bedroom, too. Think practical like a pitcher of water and glasses on the nightstand for your overnight guests who feel parched in the middle of evening.

Nightstand tray display

What are your favorite coffee table tray styling ideas? Let us know on the Crate and Barrel Facebook page.


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