DIY Fall Floral Arrangement: Bittersweet and Rudbeckia

Green botanicals, orange blossoms and carbapple stems arranged in a white vase


One of our favorite ways to instantly refresh a room? A floral arrangement that brings the beauty of the outdoors in. We’ve partnered with Kristen Cassie, founder of Moon Canyon Flowers, to bring you a new DIY arrangement for each new season.

This season, we’re combining Rudbeckia, Dried Gourds, Bittersweet and more for this autumnal look.

The seasons are changing and nothing makes that more apparent than a September trip to the farmers market. In searching for inspiration for this fall flower arrangement I was so moved by the early fall tomato and bittersweet (my personal fall favorite) vines, as well as fragrant allium blossoms and dried gourds.

Green, orange and yellow plants and flowers in floral arrangements in clear and whtie vases

For florals I loved the combination of chocolate cosmos (which are named for their scent as well as their color), rudbeckia and Persian carpet zinnias. For this arrangement, I combined rudbeckia, rudbeckia pods, dried gourds, chocolate cosmos, allium, tomato vine, bittersweet vine and even pomegranate.

Arranging black eyed susans in a fall bouquet in a white vase

With all this farmers market harvest, I wanted to create compositions that felt more wild, so we chose these sleek and modern vases as a nice juxtaposition between the two.

A floral arrangement of green botanicals, orange flowers and crabapple stems in a white vase next to small squashes

When creating your own fall arrangements, think outside the floral box. Choosing farmers market goodies such as fruiting branches, vines and even vegetables will not only give your look a fall feel but also a longevity that you can’t always get with traditional flowers.

Green plants, orange flowers and fresh potatoes arranged in various bouquets in vases on a gardening work bench

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Photography: Sophia Moreno-Bunge

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