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Three easy gift wrapping tricks that take holiday presents from basic to beautiful

By: Tasting Table for Crate and Barrel

This holiday season, putting a bow on it isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Take your presents from basic to beautiful with three easy 30-second gift wrapping tricks that even the messiest among us can master (check out the video above to see how they’re done).

An array of Christmas gifts wrapped in red and green paper and surrounded by frosted pinecones and other silver Christmas decor

Stacks on Stacks: If you’re giving someone very lucky more than one gift, arrange their bounty in a tower. Wrap the presents in complementary papers, then stack them from largest to smallest. Secure the gifts with double-sided tape, then tie an impressive bow to hold it all together.

Just Sash Yes: Give presents a touch of contrast with a sash. Choose a second paper that complements the original wrapping but isn’t too matchy-matchy, decide how wide you’d like the sash to be, then measure the length by rolling the box along it. Voila: a sash in a dash.

Bloom Time: Tissue paper flowers are a pretty, easy alternative to the standard ribbon bow. Fold a piece of tissue paper into a thin strip, then tie it in the middle. Trim the ends and open up the tissue into a blossom that adds flower power to your gift.


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