Hollywood Party Ideas: Food and Drinks

Awards show party
Hommemaker’s Hollywood party


Want to throw an awards party that is truly red carpet worthy? We partnered with Orlando Soria, founder of interior design blog, Hommemaker. See how he created a fun, simple and delicious awards show party to keep guests entertained all night.

Here in LA, awards season is one of my favorite times of the year. People get really into hosting elaborate parties, but you don’t have to lose your mind to throw a successful awards-watching party. Here I’ll share some simple ideas for throwing a festive Hollywood party without spending three weeks organizing the thing.

Tip 1: Go Classic

Awards shows are all about old Hollywood, tradition, and classic glamour. Which is why I went full-on classic with my drinks table setting. I love a classic white table cloth. To amp up the classic vibe, I decided to serve punch.

I always get excited when I go to a party and people serve punch. It’s just kind of reassuring and comforting. And, as a host, it’s super simple. You can be like, “I’m serving a punch. If you’d like to imbibe something different, please bring a bottle.” Or something like that, but maybe nicer so people actually come to your party. To add a little modern edge to my classic drinks table, I added a candle holder and a round tray.

Vodka and blood orange soda punch

Super Simple Punch Recipe

  • 33 fl oz blood orange Italian soda
  • 12 fl oz vodka
  • Juice of 1 lemon

Mix Italian blood orange soda and vodka, and add lemon juice. Makes eight generous drinks.

Tip 2: Provide Extra Entertainment with a Simple Game

This is not groundbreaking, but a cheap and easy way to add some structure/fun to your Hollywood party is a ballot game. Most awards shows post ballots of all the nominees online, so you can download them and distribute them. Whoever guesses the most correct wins a prize. Whoever guesses the least, should be asked to leave immediately. Just kidding!

Award show ballots

Tip 3: Don’t Put All the Food and Beverages in One Place

I like to distribute food and beverages around the room so people aren’t all crowded around one area. This prevents a congested grazing area that makes everyone feel like a moo-cow.

Hollywood party menu ideas
popcorn cups for holiday party

Tip 4: At Showtime, Bring Snacks to the Viewing Area

Once the show starts, make sure there are’s a lot of snacks in the television area. If people get hungry during the show, they may start whining and crying and acting ridiculous. Oh wait, never mind—that’ll just be happening on screen as stars accept their awards.

hollywood party food

Tip 5: Elevate Ready Made Food With Exemplary Serveware

Like you, I have a busy life that sometimes leaves my head spinning. So I didn’t want to spend days in the kitchen getting ready for this Hollywood party. Instead, I went to the store and looked at what was festive, easy to eat, and easily fit onto my small wooden plates. I magically got out of the store for $80, so I didn’t really spend a lot on food. But, as you can see, there’s a lot. Cut rainbow carrots with guacamole, a cheese selection, crostini (I made those myself by toasting them in the oven), popcorn, etc. Popcorn may seem a little cliché, but at a party celebrating movies, you kinda need it.

Slicing brie cheese
Rainbow carrots and guacamole

Full Disclosure: I spent all of last month on the paleo diet (no dairy, no grains—like, nothing bad ever), so I was pretty excited to eat some BAD food.

Other Full Disclosure: I pretty much ate that whole pizza by myself. Then felt kinda ashamed. But mostly was just proud of myself for making a store-bought pizza look so glam on my wood-marble platter.

Tip 6: Serve Coffee

Coffee is a nice way to add a cap to your evening that makes you feel dignified, especially when you’re using the classic coffee mugs. After all, watching hour after hour of people crying and thanking their agents, you’re going to want some dignity.

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