How to Have a Cozy Date Night at Home

Popcorn, orange cocktails and chocolate squares on a wood serving platter

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Now that the temps have finally dropped a bit, how good does a cozy night in sound? Knowing just how crazy the season ahead can get between hosting and attending gatherings, it’s going to be extra handy to have a few low-key evenings planned. Especially if you + your s/o have a few Gift Registry items to put into action, like we did with this home date night shoot. Keep the tips below on your radar for the next time you want to cozy up at home…

Orange cocktails, popcorn and wine laid out atop a wood sideboard

Popcorn and wine laid out on a sideboard decorated for fall with leaves and candles in wooden candle holders

1. Create a festive signature drink just for the occasion. Mix up something you know you both will love, like the spiced bourbon apple cider we posted on our blog. You can sip while whipping up snacks or dinner for later in the eve… Bonus points if you have your bar cart ready to go!

Couple cuddling on sofa with several large throw pillows

100LC readers Brent and Molly were our date night models. Aren’t they adorable?!

Couple putting cheese on a homemade pizza

Give your classic dinner a new spin. The whole point of the night is to keep it cozy and relaxing, so there’s no need to slave away in the kitchen! Instead, cook up a simple meal with a new flavor like we did with this homemade pizza shown on the Acacia Pizza Peel.

Two dinner plates with names spelled out in scrabble letters and dinner plates with homemade pizza and arugula salad

Pizza + salad on those crisp, clean Welcome Dinner Plates sounds good to us!

Couple clinking red wine glasses over dinner table

Stovetop popcorn maker and mulled cocktail in stock pot with oranges, apples and star anise all on a wood serving board

You can always try something new in the snack department too with the Stovetop Popcorn Popper. Spice it up with your favorite herbs + seasonings if you like.

Floral bouquet in rustic fall colors including orange and yellow in a white vase

'Cozy living room decor and fluffy throw pillows on a fabric sofa in navy blue

3. Set the mood. It’s pretty standard date night procedure to dim the lights and add a few candles to the mix, and twinkle lights are our go-to. They’re always so festive! You know you’ve got a scented candle on lock this time of year, so now’s your chance to test it out. (By the way, on the subject of cozy…The Drake 3 Piece Sectional Sofa? The. Coziest. Ever.)

Couple in cozy living room behind a serving tray of popcorn and frothy cocktails

Couple on big living room sofa drinking cocktails and playing Scrabble

4. Choose your activity. You didn’t think you were going perfect your dinner and drinks just to flip on the TV didja? All it takes is something simple like a board game to give the evening a REAL date night feel, especially if you live together.

Scrabble game board and letter squares surrounded by bowls of popcorn on a wood coffee table

Popcorn, chocolate and orange cocktails on a wood serivng platter on a fur throw

5. Lastly, before sitting down to bites and games, create the perfect lounge. If you’ve already started switching up your decor for fall, you’re probably way ahead of us, but you can never have too many pillows and blankets to snuggle up with when it’s cold outside. We love to mix ‘n match textures, patterns, and colors when creating an inviting living space. Be sure to top it all off with the Willoughby Large Tray.

Now that you know the steps to the perfect night in, pop over to 100 Layer Cake to learn how to mix up our spiced bourbon apple cider!

Styling: 100 Layer Cake / Photography: Nicki Sebastian / Flowers: Holly Flora / Products: Crate and Barrel  / Models: Brent and Molly

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