Kitchen Organization Ideas

Kitchen organization ideas

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Is your kitchen pantry in need of a makeover? In the spirit of much-needed spring cleaning, we’ve partnered with Nicole Balch, founder of Making It Lovely, to help you bring organization to a cluttered kitchen.

My family and I have lived in our home for a bit more than a year, but our kitchen pantry had been growing ever more disorganized by the week.

We never properly designated the best spot for everything, so one weekend, I decided it was finally time to do something about it. Organization to the rescue! Some foods (not too many) had expired. Some things (far too many) did not belong. Unless we needed four flashlights in the pantry to find the pretzels, I was pretty sure those could be stored elsewhere. So, I decided what we needed and what we could live without. The end result? A neat and orderly pantry that I love. Follow along with my kitchen organization ideas to get the look for your space.

Getting Started

I started the project by measuring our shelves so I could browse for bins and baskets without having to run back to the pantry every time I questioned whether something would fit.

Organized kitchen pantry layout
Kitchen storage containers and organizers

We had two wire baskets on tracks and a stepped riser, but beyond that, there were just bare shelves. I chose a couple of large striped baskets for the floor, wire bins in a cheery yellow and a couple of matching enamel bins, plus plenty of OXO Pop containers for storing the food itself.

Using Containers for Kitchen Organization

I started with the breakfast foods. Cereal containers for the cereal, obviously, and a large container for the oatmeal. I wasn’t sure what to do at first with the instructions for some of the foods I wanted to transfer to containers, but I figured I could write them out on index cards and tape them to the bottom. While looking through my desk drawers, I found sticky notes and decided to use those instead. I also grabbed a dry erase marker so I could label some of the containers that weren’t self-explanatory.

OXO cereal containers
Pancake mix in OXO pop container

Adding a Pop of Color

I’d had enough of the seashell patterned shelf liners that came with the house, so I picked up some clear shelf liners for a smooth new surface. Since they were clear, I picked up some cute sheets of wrapping paper to go beneath them, mixing and matching the patterns.

Colorful contact paper

The clear liners protect the paper and sandwich it in place, and the patterns would be easy to switch out if I ever want a little change. Much better, right?

Finishing Touches

I continued organizing everything, grouping like with like and transferring open bags of foods, such as open bags of flour, sugar, snacks and bulk items, into the OXO containers. Everything stacked and fit together so nicely that there was even room for the spices and dried herbs to make their way to the pantry (getting rid of the extraneous flashlights probably helped clear some room, too).

OXO pop containers for the kitchen pantry

Bags of chips, popcorn and pretzels used to be scattered throughout the pantry, but now they’re corralled in the large basket on the bottom. The one next to it holds spare rolls of paper towels.

organized kitchen pantry

The Final Result

Here’s a before and after, side-by-side. It’s far easier finding what we need in the pantry now, and it’s much more pleasant, too. Kitchen organization to the rescue, indeed!

Kitchen pantry before and after

Check out the “Get Organized” Pinterest board by Crate and Barrel for more kitchen organization ideas and inspiration!


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