Good Nights, Good Mornings: Shopping for Bedding and Linens

Kim and Scott Vargo
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Want to instantly refresh your bedroom? Swap in some new linens to create a new look. We’ve partnered with Kim and Scott Vargo of Yellow Brick Home to demonstrate how to pick out the bedding of your dreams.

With a new bed and the fluffiest, coziest bedding basics checked off our bedroom to-do list, we are finally able to dive into new bed linens! I had been shopping around online for several weeks, sharing product links with Scott that I thought might look nice. Our bedding style has always been played on the safer side, with a love of bright white duvet covers and – just for fun – a small punch of pattern in our sheets and cases. As simple as clicking your way to happiness can be on your device-of-choice, we decided an in-person store experience would squash any concerns we had on weight and feel.

We each had some favorites in mind, but touching the bedding and linens at our local Crate and Barrel in person was a game changer! The store displays were a huge help in seeing how colors and textures played together, and we found ourselves flowing from one collection to the next.

Any and all questions we had were answered by the Crate staff, and Emily became our go-to girl when it came to pulling styles and finding the right size. Feeling excited but slightly overwhelmed, we thought that the best course of action would be to first find our favorite sheets, followed by a duvet cover and a pair of accent pillowcases. When it came right down to it, we couldn’t get over how soft the Dash Grey sheets felt to the touch. Our search could really get started now!

A pair of Pebble Slate pillowcases caught my eye, and Emily helped us to compare the sheets and cases against their linen duvet covers. We started first by layering them against a soft grey duvet, but when it came down to it, the more noticeable, albeit subtle, contrast of the sheets and cases against the Lino II White Duvet Cover was what we were looking for. Emily swapped out the cases on a current store display so we could see how our choice would look once replicated at home.

Completely satisfied with our decision, Scott and I stocked up on the king-sized sheets and cases while she pulled the duvet cover. We were all set!

Our bedroom renovation is just getting starting (a new wall color is in the works!), but nothing beats falling into an inviting bed at the end of a long day. I’ve always loved the idea of a linen duvet cover, and the relaxed look and feel was just what we were hoping for. Better yet, we love that linen looks better when perfectly, imperfectly wrinkled. The weight and feel of the fabric when paired with our down alternative comforter feels like a hug – there’s really no better way to put it!

From far away, our Dash sheets read as super soft grey, but up close, the hint of pattern becomes noticeable. To top off the linen and bedding, we chose an extra long Leisure Mint Pillow from CB2.

Tip: One of my favorite tricks for patterned sheets is to lay the sheet on the bed upside-down, so that when folded over the duvet, the exposed edge becomes right side up!

Nights have never been more comfortable! A big, huge thank you to the Crate and Barrel sales team who went above and beyond!

Don’t forget to start with the basics! Check out part one of Yellow Brick Home’s bedroom makeover.

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