7 Ideas for a Sophisticated New Year’s Eve Party at Home

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This holiday season we’ve partnered with some of our favorite bloggers who will be showing you new and inspirational ways to bring the holidays home.

Throwing a New Year’s Eve bash for family and friends? We’ve partnered with Orlando Soria, founder of Hommemaker and creative director for Homepolish, to get his ideas for a sophisticated New Year’s Eve party your guests will love.

The past few years I’ve gone pretty wild for New Years Eve. It was fun, but I kind of want to do something different this year. I’ve decided to take a little break from the craziness of trying to party all night long and instead, host a few people over for a small dinner, followed by a super mellow evening of cocktails, movies, and playing with babies (several of my friends are new parents). While a late night party is fun, I’m kind of looking forward to a relaxing evening in with people I love this New Years. The following are some of my favorite essentials for a sophisticated and low-key New Year’s Eve celebration.

1. Sophisticated Classic Color That Matches Your Other Holiday Decor

This year, I made holiday hosting a little easier on myself by coordinating my Christmas decorations with my New Year’s decor. My tree was giant and gold and perfect to combine with one of my favorite New Year’s color schemes – silver and gold. Since New Year’s Eve falls so quickly after Christmas, the likelihood of getting all that decor down in time is low. So I focused on adding in a few silver and gold accents that don’t scream Christmas to make the whole space feel a bit more New Years appropriate. 

2. A Well Stocked, Organized Bar

I don’t have room for a bar or a bar cart in my condo, so I normally store liquor in the pantry. However, when I have guests I love to organize a bar so they can choose their own beverage adventure. I love the generously-sized Linton Rectangular tray because it fits a lot of bottles. To keep things feeling organized, I usually try and limit the number of beverages to fit in the size of my tray. If the bottles are too big (i.e. giant handles of vodka), I pour them into smaller, decorative decanters. I loved this trio together: the Scribe Carafe, the Wells Decanter and the Corbin Decanter.

3. Illumination

Glimmering candlelight is one of my favorite elements of holiday decor. On a cold winter’s night, it provides warmth and romance to your space. I fell in love with the Owen Acacia Wood Pillar Candle Holders and placed two as the table centerpiece. Few things set the mood as effectively as candlelight!

4. An Analog Timepiece for the Countdown

As years go by and I get more and more accustomed to checking the time on my phone, I crave tick-tocking, analog clocks more and more. For a celebration of the passing of time, and the anticipation of the next year, I always think it’s much more exciting to count down using an actual clock rather than some digital feed.

5. Festive Glassware

To tie in with my silver and gold theme, I added some gold-striped Gala Double Old-Fashioned glasses. Guests always get a kick out of drinking from a glass with some added sparkle. Growing up, my mother always had special glassware she’d only pull out during the holidays and it always felt so special to use them. I love the idea of building my own collection of holiday glassware. To corral all these lovely glasses, I used a lovely (and totally on-theme) Confetti Platter. 

6. A Multi-Layered Table Setting Accented with Metallics

Adding layers to a table setting gives it a multi-dimensional, considered look without making it look too crazy. I started by using the Beckett Natural Linen Table Runner and layered on Grasscloth White Placemats to provide a bright, but neutral base. On top of that, I added in Shimmering Silver Glass Charger Plates, metallic starbursts (a simple DIY with pipe cleaners), and finished everything off with Bennett Dinner Plates, Helena Linen Napkins and Aero Flatware. Adding in neutrals and pops of white allows the metallic elements to really shine.

7. A Simple Signature Cocktail

After throwing a Christmas party where I served a particularly complicated signature cocktail and ended up spending the whole time refilling the drink dispenser (though I did use the Refreshment Drink Dispenser and it was glorious), I didn’t want to do anything too fussy for this New Year’s Eve party. So, I came up with the simplest recipe ever: two parts champagne to one part blood orange Italian soda. Not only does this make a delicious, refreshing champagne cocktail, it also adds a fun pop of color to your celebration.

Happy New Year to you and yours!

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