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Lavender Pillar Candles
Selected Color: Lavender
Lavender Pillar Candles
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Light up your space with beautiful candles from Crate and Barrel. From scented to pillar, taper and tea light, we have the candle styles you need. Learn more about the selection we offer.

Types of Candles

At Crate and Barrel, we offer a variety of candle styles and sizes, including:

  • Tapers—Tapers are slender, 6-18" high and sometimes called dinner candles. They are meant to be used in candelabra or other holders that support the candle's height. Our tapers are constructed of pure paraffin wax with cotton wicks and are dripless when burned properly.
  • Pillars—Pillars are freestanding candles that come in many shapes and sizes. Our core pillars are a modern, universal white and ivory, have the classic cylinder shape and are 3" and 4" in diameter in varying heights. They are available in unscented styles as well as lightly scented options for ambience. Our seasonal pillars come in select colors and may include ball or rectangular shapes. Pillar candles should always be set on heat-resistant candle holders.
  • Tealights—Tealights were originally set beneath teapots to keep tea warm. Now, they're one of the most ubiquitous styles used to add spots of decorative light to any living space.
  • Votives—Votives are larger than tealights and were initially developed to be used in churches. They're a small cylindrical candle, usually about 1½" in diameter and 2 or 2½" high, designed to be placed in a "cup" or votive holder to hold the liquefied wax that results from burning. Many smaller candle holders are called votives and can also be used with tealights.
  • Container Candles—This style relies on a container, such as a jar or bowl, to keep their shape.
  • Flameless Candles—Flameless candles flicker gently as though really lit, but without using an open flame. They're a wonderful alternative to burning wax candles. Clever LED lights illuminate with a safe, battery-powered glow.
  • Floating Candles—These special candles are designed to float on water. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the bases are usually wide enough to support the candle's weight on the water's surface.
  • Novelty Candles—These candles come in different shapes to add a touch of whimsy or seasonal fun to table settings and rooms.

Candle Options: Materials and Colors

Candles are typically made from paraffin, an odorless wax derived from petroleum, but can also be made from a blend of paraffin and soy wax as well as other vegetable waxes. All of our candles have cotton wicks. They also come in select seasonal colors that add ambience to a room so you can find the right shade and hue for your space.

Find the candle style you need in our selection. Shop our collection of pillars, tapers and votives.

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