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Curtains do so much more than shield your living space from bright sunlight—they add style, texture and warmth to any room. The hardware allows you to coordinate with the existing furniture in the area and the fabric itself is an unbeatable opportunity to experiment with pattern and play with color. How you choose to hang your curtains depends on both your basic window covering needs and the ultimate look you hope to achieve in your home.

How to Hang

Grommet: Grommets reflect a chic, modern sensibility. They allow for maximal flexibility in opening and closing the panels, making the style ideal for nearly any need, but especially for sliding doors, French doors and smaller windows. If you have a room in your home that needs intermittent light and dimness, grommets will make management easiest. If your shower curtain is hung in a similar style, try this for your bathroom window. The bathroom is also a great place to experiment with color and pattern—try complementing your shower curtain in both pattern and hanging styles. Because the rod has more visibility in this style than others, the accompanying hardware becomes an integral part of the aesthetic. Pair matte nickel grommets with a nickel rod for a fresh, contemporary look. For a hint of shine in your decor, make an exaggerated statement with oversized bronze grommets.

Rod Pocket: These window coverings don't have quite the same flexibility of movement that grommet hangings do. If your space is just a little too sunny or bright, consider sheer or semi sheer curtains with a rod pocket to hang. Light diffused through breathable, 100% cotton fabric will create a light, breezy look and allow just the right amount of sunlight into the room, meaning less fussing with opening and closing the panels throughout the day. The filtered light also highlights the pretty top bunching, which creates simple, textured lines down the fabric. With rod pocket drapes, the rod is almost entirely covered, making the finials even more important.

Tab: Tab tops texturize your space. The structured bunching at the top of the fabric creates clean, straight lines, and the tabs themselves add dimension to those lines. The resulting look can be anywhere from mid-century modern chic to rustic and traditional. The thickness of fabric will determine the type of hardware required—thick, lined drapes may require thicker hardware than light, breezy sheer or semi-sheer curtains. Depending on the type of tab, the rod may or may not be exposed. Either way, the rod, tab and finial construction will affect the overall look of the window space. Our hardware styles include matte black steel, rustic bronze, and matte or shiny, polished nickel constructions.

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