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How to Choose a Cocktail Glass

Serve your drinks in style with contemporary glassware and barware from Crate and Barrel. We offer both clear and colorful glassware with on-trend patterns and textures to make entertaining fun. Learn more about the bar and cocktail glasses we offer.

Types of Bar Glasses

At Crate and Barrel, we have a variety of cocktail glass styles for your home bar, including individual glasses or complete drinkware sets. Find the bar glass you need in our wide selection, including:

  • Cooler/Highball—A highball is a large capacity glass (typically 12 to 16 ounces) used for "tall drinks" or drinks that use a mixer like cola, club soda or tonic water. They can also be used as a tumbler for non-alcoholic drinks, including freshly squeezed juices, creamy smoothies and iced coffees.
  • Cordial/Schnapps—This small capacity glass with or without a stem is used for shots. A cordial typically holds between 1.5 to 3 ounces of alcohol. They are used to serve liqueurs like crème de menthe or orange-flavored cognac and are also the glass for gently layered drinks like a B-52.
  • Double Old-Fashioned—A double old-fashioned glass is typically used for drinks that are served "on the rocks" (which means with ice). It traditionally holds 12 ounces but can be a few ounces larger depending on its design. Double old-fashioned glasses can also be used to serve small cocktails.
  • Juice Glass—This is a small glass used for serving juice or "neat" drinks (meaning without ice) that typically holds eight ounces.
  • Mug—For barware, a mug is typically an eight-ounce heat-resistant glass with a handle used for hot drinks like Irish coffees, hot toddies, cider or hot chocolate. Mugs may vary by shape and design.
  • Shot—A shot glass typically holds two ounces and is used for straight shots of hard liquor. It can also be used for measuring when mixing drinks.
  • Brandy Snifter—The short stem of a brandy snifter glass allows the hand to warm the liquid while it is being held, and the broad bowl holds the aroma as you drink to enrich the whole experience.
  • Martini—These stylish glasses are great for serving cosmopolitans or classic martini drinks. We have classic martini glasses with stems as well as stemless glasses for a more contemporary take. Martini glasses can also be used for a unique dessert presentation.
  • Specialty Glasses—We have barware for your favorite mixed drinks. Choose from our contemporary glasses for perfectly crafted mint juleps, Moscow mules, margaritas and more—or simply serve up your favorite spirit solo.
  • Carafe—Keep big batch cocktails ready to serve at a moment's notice in one of our carafes.

Other Bar Glasses and Accessories We Offer

Looking for other bar glass styles? We have specialty beer glasses designed to enhance the flavor of IPAs, pilsners, stouts and more. We also have red and white wine stemware as well as champagne glasses. In addition to our glassware, we also have the bar tools you need for a complete home bar. Find essential bar accessories, including shakers, muddlers, stoppers and more.

Shop our collections of chic barware glasses, including tumblers, highballs, lowballs, complete drink sets and more.

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