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Coffee Cups & Coffee Mugs

Looking for the best way to sip your favorite hot drink? Enjoy tea, coffee, hot cocoa and more in coffee mugs, an espresso cups set, mugs for coffee and coffee cups. Whatever your brew method—electric kettle, pour-over, French press or automatic coffee maker— there are a range of different types of coffee mugs, each with a distinct style statement. Not sure which type of coffee cup to pick? Read on for a list of mug cup materials, including glass, porcelain, china and more, to find the best coffee mug for you.

Glass Mugs for Coffee

Especially great for hot and cold teas, glass coffee mugs take on the color and personality of whatever coffee, tea or espresso you choose. Double-walled designs best insulate your beverage, keeping it at the right temperature for longer, and they also minimize condensation. Clear coffee mugs, similar to glass coffee cups, are also ideal for frothy lattes, mulled wines or hot toddies. What's more: glass mugs for coffee are the best mugs for early risers who love easy to clean and sustainable cups.

Porcelain Coffee Mugs

Simple, chic and elegant, white porcelain mugs are the best coffee essentials to add to your at-home coffee and tea bar. Consider organizing your coffee and tea mugs alongside some of your favorite coffee stand accessories, like a milk frother or a coffee canister. Then, place them near your espresso maker for a quick brew. Or, if you love to host Sunday brunch, consider decorating your dinner table with porcelain coffee mugs beside matching bread plates, champagne glasses and existing serveware before your guests arrive. For a special occasion, consider bone china, a type of porcelain mug cup with delicate designs and fine lines. Serve your guests hot tea or coffee with a neutral set of cups, or treat yourself to your favorite beverage with a porcelain mug cup.

Ceramic Coffee Mugs, Stoneware Cups & Custom Coffee Mugs

Both rich in color with an artisanal feel, ceramic coffee mugs bring a warm touch to your morning beverages. For instance, oversized earthenware mugs for coffee are great for displaying the delicate layers of full, frothing coffees, lattes and cappuccinos. White or blue glaze stoneware cups are also smart picks for serving hot drinks. Their dense material keeps espresso or hot coffee warm for longer hours, perfect for caffeine lovers who enjoy every minute of their morning brew. What's more: stoneware mugs are crafted with colorful designs that pair seamlessly with cream-hued place settings or monochromatic dinnerware sets. For a more personal style, opt for monogrammed custom coffee mugs. Their personalized lettering makes the best gifts for coffee and tea lovers to refresh their kitchen countertops.

Teacups with Saucers & Stylish Tea Cups for Coffee

Celebrate afternoon tea with delicious finger sandwiches, macaroons and elegant teacups. Or, satisfy your morning cravings with low-sitting tea cups for coffee that keep both your Americanos and lattes warm; petite tea cups are great alternatives to espresso cups. For quick cleanup, consider teacups with saucers that catch small coffee drippings and act as a resting place for your coffee spoons or used tea bags. Either way, tea cups are a convenient solution when switching up your go-to beverage.

Stainless Steel Travel Coffee Mugs

Need to take your java on the go? Whether you're commuting to work or skipping your daily coffee run, stainless steel travel coffee mugs are the best companions when you're on the go. With insulated interiors, your coffee drink is kept warm or cool for an extended period of time, preserving its delicious flavor. When working from home or relaxing with a good book, enjoy your beverage without spilling your favorite cup for coffee.