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Types of Drinkware

Find the perfect glass for your beverage with drinking glasses from Crate and Barrel. Our collection of drinkware includes cocktail glasses, water glasses, juice glasses, coffee mugs, tea cups, margarita glasses, beer glasses and wine glasses for every occasion.

Bar Glasses

Selecting bar drinkware is an important decision. Your glassware choice will get lots of use and should give you simple pleasure every time. At Crate and Barrel, we have a variety of glasses perfect to add to your home bar, including:

Highball—The highball is a tall cocktail glass used for serving mixed drinks. It can also be used as a tumbler for milk, iced tea and more.

Double Old Fashioned—A double old fashioned is a large wide glass for serving drinks on the rocks (over ice). This glass is sometimes called a rocks glass and also can be used as a tumbler.

Martini Glass—This cocktail glass has a V-shaped open style used for serving martinis and cosmopolitans as well as desserts.

Cordial Glass—A cordial is a very small bar glass designed to serve liqueurs, aperitifs and shots. Our shot and cordial glasses typically hold up to three ounces.

Brandy Glass—A brandy glass has a short stem so the bowl can be held easily in the palm of the hand.

Tumbler—This is a standard drinking glass and usually holds around 16 ounces. It is great for everyday beverages like milk, soda, lemonade, juice or iced tea.

Margarita Glass—This curvaceous cocktail glass is an interpretation of the martini glass. Today it is used almost exclusively for the traditional lime and tequila based drink it is named after.

Goblet—Typically the largest glass at the table, the goblet is often used for water.

Beer Glasses

The right glass can help accentuate the distinct flavors of each beer. We have a variety of glass styles for your favorite brews, including:

Pilsner Glass—The pilsner is a classic glass for serving beer. These glasses are tall, cone-shaped and footed to provide a great distribution of flavors.

Pint Tumbler—Effortlessly versatile, pint glasses are great for stouts, ales and IPAs.

Tulip—Inspired by the brandy snifter, these wide-bowled glasses are best for aromatic beers with lots of flavor.

Blonde Glass—Wide-mouthed blonde glasses can be used for serving most IPAs.

Stout Glass—Our stout glasses are designed to accentuate the distinct rich flavors and notes of dark beers.

Mugs—Our handled glass mugs are ideal for serving beer as well as soda.

Wine Glasses

The shape of a wine glass can greatly affect your drinking experience. If you are a seasoned wine drinker, you might choose the broader “bowl” with a rim that slopes in at the top that will capture the aromas of bold red wines and white wines with bigger bouquets. Narrower, tulip-shaped glasses are better for concentrating the delicate aroma of lighter white wines. Tulip shapes also keep the contents colder longer by holding less fluid and protecting the wine from the heat of your hands. Choose from our selection of red, white and sparkling wine glass styles, including:

Goblet, Red Wine and White Wine Glasses—These three classic types of stemware range in size, from the largest (goblet) to the smallest (white wine).

Champagne Flutes—The flute is the preferred shape for champagne because its narrow opening and slender bowl do not allow the champagne bubbles to escape easily, keeping it fizzy.

Champagne Coupes—This is a classic style shape that has become more popular for champagne and cocktail glasses.

Stemless Wine Glasses and European-style Wine Tumblers—These glasses offer a casual alternative for everyday enjoyment. Stemless wine glasses often have the same bowl shapes as stems and load more easily in the dishwasher.

Bar Accessories

In addition to our wide selection of wine, beer, bar and water glasses, we also offer tools for your household bar. We have bar gadgets, cocktail recipe books, cocktail napkins, coasters, decanters, tags, cocktail shakers, cocktail trays, ice buckets and blenders to help you create the perfect entertaining station at home.

Shop our complete collection of drinkware, including drinking and cocktail glasses as well as bar accessories.

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