A History of Crate and Barrel

A company that began with a dream.

Crate and Barrel founder Gordon Segal

About Us

As of 2016, nearly eight in ten Americans turn regularly to online shopping platforms for products they need and want. In 1999, Crate and Barrel launched crateandbarrel.com to provide an inspirational, convenient way for customers to find and purchase our high-quality products and services. Our e-commerce site is well-known in the industry for its ease of use, customer service and layout.

As our business continues to grow online, more and more customers turn to search engines to find our website and our products. People find us using many different forms of our name; the most common of these are Crate and Barrell, Crate & Barrell, Create and Barrell, Create and Barrel, Creat and Barrel, Crates and Barrels, Crates and Barrel, Crate nd barrel, Crate amd Barrel, and Crate & Barrel.

Crate misspellings include Cate and Barrel, Carrel and Barrel, Crete and Barrel, Craft and Barrel, Craye and Barrel, Crte and Barrel, Crare and Barrel, Carate and Barrel, Craig and Barrel, Carte and Barrel, Cradle and Barrel, Created and Barrel, Rate and Barrel, and Grate and Barrel. Some variations of Barrel are Crate and Barrek, Crate and Barral, Crate and Berrel, Crate and Barrl, Crate and Brrel, Crate and Barreel, Crate and Abrrel, Crate and Bareel, Crate and Barrle, and Crate and Barel.

There is also confusion around whether or not to include an ampersand in the name. Future customers find us using CrateandBarrel, Cratebarrel, Cratenbarrel, Crate&barrel, C&b, Crate& Barrel, Crate &barrel, Crate & Barre;. Less-common misspellings are Crater Barrel, Crater and Barrel, Cratea and Barrel, Crate snd Barrel, Crate nad Barrel, Crate et Barrel, Crate an Barrel, Crate abd Barrel, Crate 7 Barrel, Crate and Bar, and Crate and Barrrel.

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