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Nightstands & Bedside Tables

Oxford 2-Drawer Nightstand New Oxford 2-Drawer Nightstand Sale $629.00 reg. $699.00
Big Sur Smoke Nightstand Big Sur Smoke Nightstand Sale $629.00 reg. $699.00
Morris Ash Grey Nightstand Morris Ash Grey Nightstand Sale $449.00 reg. $499.00
Dawson Clove Nightstand Dawson Clove Nightstand Sale $359.00 reg. $399.00
Blair Nightstand Blair Nightstand Sale $314.00 reg. $349.00
Gia Nightstand Gia Nightstand Sale $449.00 reg. $499.00
Atwood Nightstand Atwood Nightstand Sale $509.00 reg. $599.00
Barnes Smoke Brown Nightstand Barnes Smoke Brown Nightstand Sale $239.00 reg. $299.00
Barnes White Nightstand Barnes White Nightstand Sale $239.00 reg. $299.00
Dawson Grey Wash Nightstand Dawson Grey Wash Nightstand Sale $359.00 reg. $399.00
Hayden Right Nightstand Hayden Right Nightstand Sale $359.00 reg. $399.00
Hayden Left Nightstand Hayden Left Nightstand Sale $359.00 reg. $399.00
Reed Nightstand Reed Nightstand Sale $339.00 reg. $399.00
Arch Charcoal Oval Nightstand Arch Charcoal Oval Nightstand Sale $224.00 reg. $249.00
Forsyth Nightstand Forsyth Nightstand Sale $479.00 reg. $599.00
Oliver Nightstand Oliver Nightstand Sale $199.00 reg. $249.00
Steppe Nightstand Steppe Nightstand Sale $399.00 reg. $499.00
Tate Nightstand Tate Nightstand Sale $359.00 reg. $399.00
Colette Espresso Nightstand Colette Espresso Nightstand Sale $339.00 reg. $399.00
Linea Mocha Nightstand New Linea Mocha Nightstand Sale $359.00 reg. $399.00
Linea II Natural Nightstand Linea II Natural Nightstand Sale $359.00 reg. $399.00
Arch White 3-Drawer Chest Arch White 3-Drawer Chest Sale $449.00 reg. $499.00
Arch White Oval Nightstand Arch White Oval Nightstand Sale $224.00 reg. $249.00
Tate 3-Drawer Chest Tate 3-Drawer Chest Sale $899.00 reg. $999.00
Arch Tea 3-Drawer Chest Arch Tea 3-Drawer Chest Sale $449.00 reg. $499.00
Arch Charcoal 3-Drawer Chest Arch Charcoal 3-Drawer Chest Sale $449.00 reg. $499.00
Linea II Natural Three-Drawer Chest Linea II Natural Three-Drawer Chest Sale $1,259.00 reg. $1,399.00
Linea Mocha 3-Drawer Chest New Linea Mocha 3-Drawer Chest Sale $1,259.00 reg. $1,399.00
Forsyth 3-Drawer Chest with Storage Forsyth 3-Drawer Chest with Storage Sale $1,199.00 reg. $1,499.00

How to Choose a Nightstand

Store bedside essentials in a nightstand from Crate and Barrel. Our functional, stylish bedside tables are the perfect storage solutions for your bedroom. From simple and classic to modern and minimalist, we offer a full range of nightstand styles that blend with all kinds of decor. Our tables are constructed of high-quality woods, including solid oak, ash, pine and other durable materials that are designed to last. Shop our selection of high-quality nightstands and side tables. Whether you're buying a whole new suite of bedroom furniture or a looking for a bedside table with personality, you'll find it in Crate and Barrel's nightstand collection.


A nightstand is an essential piece of furniture that is functional and helps a bedroom feel finished. The majority of our nightstands are part of bigger collections. With coordinating wardrobes, dressers, chest and bed frames, they make a bedroom feel complete. We have nightstands in many styles to fit into any room setting. From stately and traditional to warm mid century modern, we have a look that's sure to catch your eye.


Our bedroom side tables are constructed from richly grained woods, including shesham, reclaimed teak, mango, walnut and maple. Many of our wood finishes are stains to let the woods' beauty shine through. We also have several white bedside tables that bring lightness to a room. The exclusive designs combine function and beauty and, with proper care, provide many years of use.


Many of our nightstands are the standard rectangular shape so they tuck compactly next to the bed. With roomy tops, they accommodate bedside lamps for reading or ambience along with other bedside items. We also have several oval options that bring a sense of romance and grace. A few of our bedroom patterns feature larger nightstands that provide ample storage room. We also have "C" tables that work with storage beds. Their clever shape ensures that they are not in the way when accessing the drawer built into the bed's frame. If you have electronics, you will find options with built-in cord management. When it comes to drawer pulls, our selection ranges from traditional metal with antiqued finishes to hardware-less, integrated pulls that give the bedside table a clean, uncluttered look.


Our nightstands feature a combination of open and closed storage. Many have drawers that easily slide out on a variety of glides, including wood-on-wood, metal undermount, metal side mount and ball bearing. We have nightstands with a single drawer or two drawers. There are also options with a single or two lower shelves to hold books, magazine or to display favorite objects.

Shop our selection of exclusive nightstands and bedside tables.

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