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Design Experts

Anthony J.

Monochrome Modern

What He Likes

Clean mid–century lines and minimal color.


There is no right way to design anything.

Dream Home

A super modern, almost futuristic space designed with a hyper white, stainless and glass kitchen, leather sectional, minimal patterns and white marble floors throughout.

Crate Favorite

The Milo Leather Chair. It has a classic, sleek design that feels timeless.

Jennifer M.

Minimalist Mix


Make your home beautiful, but also realistic and functional for everyday life.

What She Loves

Blending a variety of design styles, including mid–century, modern, rustic, classic and minimalist, into a balanced, harmonious aesthetic.

Dream Home

A minimalist modern home nestled into the Greek hillside with an infinity pool and stunning view of the Mediterranean.

Inspired By

Frank Lloyd Wright architecture, particularly his Taliesin estate in Spring Green, Wisconsin.

Melissa C.

Colorful Mid–Century


Don’t be afraid of color.

What She Loves

Mid–century style with bright accents of color.

Dream Home

A craftsman–style home filled with a bold mix of modern and classic furnishings.

Crate Favorite

The Lounge Sofa. A combination of great lines and comfort makes it the perfect gathering spot for families and friends.

Judy G.

Artful Elegance

What She Loves

Modern, classic, elegant decor accented by bold pieces of conversation art.

Dream Home

An ocean view home filled with light, minimal furnishings, interesting artwork and contrasting pops of color.

Inspired By

The bold, South American-inspired glamour of the Hotel Faena Hotel on Miami Beach.

Crate Favorite

The style and comfort of the Drake sectional, upholstered in a textured white fabric and accessorized with the Meditations print, Murano glass and live plants.

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