A Parisian Themed Nursery with 100 Layer Cake

July 30, 2018

Parisian cafe right at home? Oui oui! We’ve partnered with 100 Layer Cake to bring you inspiration for the cutest Parisian themed nursery.

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Hiya, mamas! 100LC here with photos of the Parisian girl’s nursery we designed using some of our very fave nursery picks to add to your Baby Registry at Crate and Kids. You may know us from our Wedding Registry posts, but we run our sister site, 100 Layer Cakelet, specifically with mamas (especially new mamas!) in mind. The journey to motherhood is an exciting, overwhelming, and truly incredible experience, and we’re all about making it even more inspiring. After getting the scoop on our favorite playtime products (Parisian cafe right at home, yes please!), be sure to head over to Cakelet to see the nursery design.

Trust us, you’ll never regret remembering your baby shower as the time you received the beautiful baby essentials that you could *actually see* adorning your little one’s first ever space.

Kay, so if you haven’t seen the Snack Shack Playhouse before, you are in for a serious treat. Basically a little dolly’s dream, no? Even better, it’s actually a two-in-one playhouse (which not only makes it a major steal, but is sure to keep your little one occupied for double the time!). It converts between a Parisian cafe and an American BBQ restaurant. It’s got menus, illustrated ads and signs, and was designed just for Crate and Kids.

Oui oui!

We actually set up this whole scenario right in our studio, and our own Kristina’s little girl was the sweetest model. We painted that pink striped wall as an easy DIY for mamas, and added really cozy, textured elements like this Knit Gold Pouf and White Shag Pouf to the space. A nursery, perhaps more than any other space in the house, will have a huge mix of higher- and low priced items, since you’ll be decking it out with anything from fun toys to baby-friendly furniture.

The poufs, playhouse, and even this modern Black Rocking Horse (so good with our Parisian theme, huh?) are just a few great mid-range items that loved ones may want to contribute in honor of your new bebe. While the Registry is ultimately about you and your child’s needs, it’s really helpful for fam + friends to have lots to choose from.

Another really nice (and very helpful!) thing about the Baby Registry is that you really have all your baby necessities in one place. You can add everything from larger furniture pieces that are perfect as group gifts to some of the very first stories they’ll ever fall in love with. May we recommend this beautiful Coco Chanel book, if you love a little Parisian flair as much as we do?

Imagine our surprise when we caught sight of this spectacular round bookcase, in an appropriate height for a tiny human! As you can see, this one is easy to translate from baby to toddler when they get a wee bit older, too.

Now that we’ve covered playtime, find our girl’s Parisian nursery over on our blog!

Photography: Nicki Sebastian