Charley Harper Printable Games

April 21, 2017

Designed for Nod by Michelle Romo

No one changed the way we look at the natural world more than wildlife artist Charley Harper. Our exclusive Charley Harper for Nod Collection will redefine the way you see his art. Using intricate embroidery, delicate applique and the finest materials available, we’ve created a way to experience his timeless body of work like never before.

To celebrate the new Charley Harper collection, we’re taking our #nodtourbus on the road. See the full list of tour stops HERE. If you aren’t close to one of our stops, make sure you download these free Charley Harper printable games for your kiddos. There’s nothing like a word search or a scavenger hunt you can do in your backyard.

Michelle Romo is our newest Nod illustrator, she’s a self-taught illustrator and designer fueled by cookies and naps. Her influences include Mid-Century, Japanese and Scandinavian design, along with pretty much anything cute. When she isn’t working she spends her time eating good food, hugging her friends, playing video games and crafting.