Creative Craft Corner

October 8, 2018

Creativity plays a large role in growing up. Whether an aspiring actor or world class artist, a creative corner for crafts and fun is the perfect way to let their personality shine.

While the kiddos may not yet be the next Van Gogh, their works of art are masterpieces in your house. Create the perfect space to let their imagination shine with a creative craft corner.

For their genius works of art, set up our Modern Kids Table. It can easily seat four kids for creative collaboration, and the uniquely designed legs can be used for additional storage space. Give them a Devon Play Stool to perch on, which has a protective finish tough enough to handle any mess. They’ll be even more inspired with our colorful Triangle Rug to tie the room together.

Small artists will be thrilled with our Blue Tabletop Easel, which features a paper roll holder, space for paint cups, a chalkboard and a magnetic whiteboard. As if that wasn’t perfect enough, it even folds for easy cleanup for when the day’s activities are complete.

Additional art supplies fit perfectly in our Java Bookcase, which is built for messes that come in all shapes, sizes and volumes. It’s versatile, and can easily hold plastic boxes, cubes and bins.

For when performing arts beckons their name, hang up our Hallway Playhouse. It will make the perfect grand entrance for their performance- and, you guessed it- it can be easily packed away for easy cleanup. For assembly, simply hang up on a doorway or hallway! They can even keep their acting wardrobe in our Pineapple Floor Basket.

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