DIY Bug Hotels

August 20, 2015

Post by Kim of Beehive Art

DIY Bug Hotels

What’s a “bug hotel” you ask? A bug hotel is a summer essential when you’re out and about in the garden, meadow or strolling the sidewalk. Beetles, insects and fireflies will have a swell place to visit for your brief observation.

Bug Hotel Supplies needed:

  • paper or cardboard container with a lid
  • paint
  • paint brush
  • window screen
  • masking tape
  • sharpie marker
  • x-acto knife – parents only

1.   Peel off all labels from container before drawing windows and doors. We up-cycled coffee containers for our bug hotels, oatmeal containers work great too.

DIY Bug Hotels - Step 1

2.   Once the outlines for windows and doors are in place, get out your paints and a medium sized brush. Paint the entire surface, painting around each window and door.We applied a second coat of paint AFTER windows and doors were cut out.

DIY Bug Hotels - Step 2


3.   This step is for PARENTS: After paint has dried, use an x-acto knife and cut out all windows and doors. Cut a circle out of the lid for roof top ventilation.

DIY Bug Hotels - Step 3

4.   The screen is easier than you’d think. Cut one piece that fits snug inside the container. It easily rolls up and fits into place, a little of the screen might overlap.

DIY Bug Hotels - Step 4

5. Flip the lid over and cover the lid with a piece of screen to fit. We used small pieces of masking tape to secure the screen.

DIY Bug Hotels - Step 5

6. Adding details like window boxes and funny bug drawings are the cherry on top!

DIY Bug Hotels - Step 6 DIY Bug Hotels

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