DIY Leaf Dream Catcher

September 24, 2015
 Post by Amy of Delineate Your Dwelling
DIY Leaf Dream Catcher
The weather has finally just started to cool and it’s time to start enjoying that wonderful autumn weather!  I’ve enjoyed taking walks around our neighborhood with my kids and noticed a few leaves have even begun to fall.  Today I am sharing how to create this fun fall inspired DIY Leaf Dream Catcher with your children!


DIY Leaf Dream Catcher Supplies

  • Acrylic Paints
  • Leaves, assorted sizes
  • Small Embroidery Hoop
  • Yarn
  • Ribbon

How to Make Your DIY Leaf Dream Catcher

Start by placing your leaves on a clean flat surface and painting stripes, polka dots and bold color blocking patterns on them.  It’s best to paint on the leaves before they dry out too much, as they become more brittle when dry.

DIY Leaf Dream Catcher - Painting Leaves

Using two colors of yarn, wrap the embroidery hoop.  I used a few small dots of hot glue to keep the yarn in place.

DIY Leaf Dream Catcher - Dream Catcher Loop

Then, tie the leaves to your hoop at various lengths.  I added in a few other ribbons and tassels to mix up the textures and patterns a bit.

DIY Leaf Dream Catcher - Leaves
 These colorful DIY Leaf Dream Catchers are a great way to bring the outdoors inside, while having fun with color!
DIY Leaf Dream Catcher

Amy creates other colorful projects like this at Delineate Your Dwelling, a creative craft blog.  She is naturally drawn to graphic patterns and cheerful colors, while using natural elements with a modern twist. Amy believes everyone can be creative, sometimes you just need a good tutorial to get you started!