Hanukkah Dreidel Craft

November 29, 2017

The Jewish Festival of Lights is right around the corner! Each year our family celebrates Hanukkah in a variety of ways, but one of the activities the kids look forward to most is playing dreidel. And we love to get ready for the holiday by decorating our own!

Sometimes our Hanukkah dreidel craft decorations are more elaborate, but this year we decided to keep it simple and sparkly. The kids went through our art supplies and pulled out all the blue markers they could find (blue and silver/white are the traditional colors of Hanukkah) and then combed through our stash of sequins to find any blue sparkles they could. Given that the holiday is all about light, we thought a dose of sequins was fitting!

I always buy two types of wooden dreidels for crafting — a set that’s already marked with Hebrew letters and a plain set too. Cam got right to work and, no surprise, focused heavily on adding sequins.

We set up a kids Hanukkah table every year in our home (you can see one of our past tables with Nod’s fabulous whale menorah here and download our free Hanukkah banner through the link on our blog here) and I plan to put our new dreidels out alongside this Dreidel Hanukkah Garland, a few circle garlandsThe Bright Side Canvas Banner, and the kids’ new Lite Brite (which I also might nostalgically steal).

Happy Hanukkah everyone!

p.s. the rules of playing dreidel can vary, but you can find a good basic set here.


Rebecca is a mom to two young kiddos and, in her spare time (ha!), likes to pretend she’s a back-up dancer, craft cocktails, and run long distances. Author of Banish Boredom and Content Creator (and Herder of Cats) at Not-So-SAHM