Mud Pie Kitchen

June 21, 2017

A mud pie kitchen made from an old bookcase

Do you remember making mud pies when you were little? It’s one of my favorite childhood memories! I would sit under the hot sun and make flower soup, grassy bug pies and muddy cupcakes for all my imaginary friends at my mud pie kitchen. With dirty hands and a happy heart, I could “cook” for hours. I recently put together this fun outdoor play kitchen for my kids. Now I get to relive all that mud making fun with them!

A kids outdoor play kitchen sits in a backyard

Tips for making your own Mud Pie Kitchen

  • Find a base for your kitchen. Pallets, wood or cardboard boxes, an old table, a large tree stump, or a pile of bricks would all work great. For our kitchen, I used an old bookcase that was ready to be recycled.
  • Collect your cooking utensils, bowls, and decor! Check your kitchen for supplies that you no longer use or need. Make sure you have a large mixing bowl, spoons, plastic severing plates and lots of miscellaneous utensils to ignite creativity. If you have toddlers avoid glass and breakables. I like to keep old dish towels for decor (ie. curtains) and clean up too.
  • Have your child go hunting for food! They can gather pine cones, dirt, flowers, sticks, rocks, leaves… Whatever you have in your yard can be converted into a creative culinary treat!
  • Paint a sign right on your kitchen or make a cardboard sign. Now you are ready for business!

Mud pies and flowers sit on the counter of a kids mud pie kitchen


Post by Katherine Marie.
You can find more of her messy, creative and fun projects on Instagram at Katherinemaries