Printable Mother’s Day Gift

May 3, 2017

Post by MJ of Pars Caeli

Mother’s Day is a two-way holiday, right? You can’t hold the role of mother without the gift of a child. My children often ask me when is “Child Day” if we’re celebrating Mother’s Day in May. Well, I usually say that everyday is child day, but all kidding aside, why not celebrate both?!

Hi friends, this is M.J. of Pars Caeli, and I’ve made a non-traditional Mother’s Day printable that I hope you and your child love! Presenting our Mother’s Day Questionnaire card:

On one half, your child fills in your favorites like your favorite color and activity… even the words you most often say (I had to great curiosity to see what these would be!). She or he can fill in what activity you love to do together and then add a portrait of you to the frame.

While they are completing their side, you get to show them share the joy, too! What do you love most about them? What do they say a lot? You complete the other side of the card. Your child is going to remember what you wrote about him or her. I’d love to have a memory of what my mom and I loved doing together at 6 or 8 or 10. I suspect it would have involved stuffed animals. Imagine how those answers change over the years!

Download the printable here!

If you’re a teacher or a group moderator, this is a fun printable to have children create and surprise mom!

You can also use this card as an interview sheet to find out more about one another! You might know one another’s favorite color, but new favorites pop up all the time. This would be fun to do with your adult mom, too. What a fun Mother’s Day activity to add some laughter and smiles to the day!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the special women out there who’ve mothered and loved. And happy child’s day to all of the kids – thanks for making us mothers!

Xoxo, MJ

MJ is a graphic and product designer, wife, and proud momma to three. She founded Pars Caeli (meaning a piece of heaven), a delightful blog and shop, to add more creative to the everyday. MJ worked with our team to bring her lunchbox jokes to life in our product Lunchtime LOL Notes, now available at The Land of Nod to bring on a case of the giggles!