Unconventional Ways to Incorporate Greenery

May 2, 2017

Post by Taylor Spellman

 Unconventional Ways to Incorporate Greenery
Photo by Lorraine Lea

Each year DIY-ers love to find ways to incorporate Pantone’s ‘Color of the Year’ into their homes. I was really excited when the color as announced as Greenery for 2017. It is a yellow-green shade that will make fresh and earthy tones pop and can really revitalize a room.

There are so many options for incorporating this bright and calming color into your life. Whether it is a large changes, like buying new furniture or making an entire theme for the room or a small changes, like getting new rugs and accessories for the bathroom, the warm tones of Greenery will create a light and airy space that will make you feel awake and alive.

Whatever you choose to do, it’s important to find unconventional ways to incorporate the color into your home so that your DIY updates are long-lasting improvements instead of trends that you’ll have to revamp again next year.

Here are some quick tips to bring this “life-affirming” color into your family home:

Kid’s Room

Greenery as the Pantone Color of the Year is so refreshing as it gives a new spin on children’s décor other than the traditional blue, pink or neutral color scheme.

Take this opportunity as a time to make some family-friendly artwork with the kids. The perfect playroom art piece would be a simple white canvas that you paint Greenery and then have your children stencil shapes over. You could also leave the canvas white and use finger paints in the color of Greenery to give them more freedom and expression with their artwork. Make sure you join in on the fun and throw some of your own finger painting in there!

Unconventional Ways to Incorporate Greenery

If paint isn’t their idea of sensory enjoyment, these green chalkboard decals can function as an evolving piece of art for your kids to decorate or simply keep them organized.

By crafting, you’re not spending that much money, and as I said before – things are always changing. For more ideas for the kids’ rooms, check out Land of Nod’s very own Home Stylist, Shawna’s, post on incorporating Greenery.

Family Room

If you want a project for yourself, get on the computer and print out some photos of the family in a Greenery tint. To do so, open the photos up in Microsoft Word and use the ‘Format Picture’ to ‘Recolor’ the image to a Greenery tone. Then place the photos in a variety of frames collage style on the wall in the living room or dining room for a fresh medley of family! The frames are a one-time buy, and you can reprint the photos again at home next year in a different color! Be sure to get neutral colored frames (brown, black, or white) that match your current room set-up. Mix it up with some matching shelves that hold the newly framed pictures, and put natural ‘greenery’ alongside them with some fresh plants, which you’ll be able to keep for years to come.

Unconventional Ways to Incorporate GreeneryAnother way to bring in the new trend is to focus on small accents that make a big impact in the room. Get throw pillows for the living room or, to make a bolder statement, consider repainting your main entryway door to welcome in new guests and make conversation for old friends.

If you’ve been looking to spruce up that boring beige room that hasn’t changed colors since the realtor first showed the home to you, now is the time to paint the ceiling. Painting the ceiling is a huge trend for 2017, and Greenery is the perfect choice. You can bring the outdoors in and the smiles upwards.

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